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Taxes and spending out of control
Love to tax it's hard working citizens. Continually places incremental tax increases on ballot. 2016 duped the voters in passing 880 million for community college. Followed in the next election with 1.5 billion for lower education schools. 1/2 percent sales tax hike for libraries, cops and streets. Promoting in next election 1/4 increase for homeless.



worst place san pedro,californis dangerous crimi
worst place to live long beach California also the very worst is san pedro ,California dirty and very dangerous. I was born here and it is very dangerous with criminals and you can not go out at night because of crime. the cruise ships lie to passengers about is being safe






This place is trash
My review of Long Beach and California in general is of the Cappa Tort Philosophy. It's a very over-rated pig sty. Although you do have the sun, what to do with it is the problem. There are no jobs here at all. The pay stinks if your lucky to find one and the cost of living is very high. Living in california can be described as save nothing earn nothing and enjoy your sexy minorities.



Quality of Life
LB offers or is close too every possible amenity you could imagine, so you will want for nothing here materially or as far as entertainment. Downside, cost of living is high. Population density too high. Pollution too high. That's it in a nutshell.
On balance nice place to visit, I would not pick it as the best place to live out a life, or raise a family.



Long Beach is a great place to live. It is in close to both the OC and South Bay areas. We have it all - weather, entertainment, plenty of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, houses are smaller, older and more expensive than a lot of other cities. In addition, California is losing business that paid decent salaries and not attracting new ones. So if you have a house and a job, it's a nice place to live.



You will die here!
If the crime won't get you killed, the polluted air and dirty ocean will.



Good Location
Long Beach is a great city as far as location in southen California. 40 mim. from the Los Angeles area, 10 to 20 min to any kind of good beach, 1 hour to the mountains and the deserts and 2 hours to San Diego.



6 Month Review
I am from the Midwest where the weather is bi-polar. I moved out here in the summer and all I have to say is the weather is to die for. It is almost always sunny and it's never too hot. It has only rained about three times since my move as well. I think the number one reason to live in Long Beach is for the weather.



We love the climate here in Long Beach. It is ideal. There is always a gentle breeze in the summer and the winters are cool and mild. Perfect.



On My Way Out
I certainly prefer Long Beach to Los Angeles however I am just about over it all together! We moved here 3 years ago to be closer to my husband's family and this is a very hard place to just be. California is one hell of a rat race to begin with and when they say it's who you know - they must have been from California. I have been fortunate in the two positions I have held here (the first cut from the state budget)in that I knew the right people. Anyone who thinks otherwise is truly naive. I was promoted within my position over 200+ applicants because of who I knew. It's disgusting and I have seen 4 others within the organization promoted the same exact way. The cost of living is absurd - I can say this because I have lived on each coast and I know what my $ got me in each place compared to here. The schools are horrible - where I am from you don't need a "school of choice" or a lottery because every school is highly ranked. There are many wonderful places to visit however, when are you supposed to do that between earning a living and commuting and exactly how are you to pay for it with what you earn and what things cost i.e. housing, utilities, food, gas etc.

This would be a great place to visit but unless you are quite well off and not I lease my Beamer and pay on a mortgage I'm talking ownership, life isn't as golden not to mention how cut throat these people are. People are rude because they are mad as hell, they are tired and overworked and underpaid amongst other things. Southern California is a place like no other and while I do love the snow free winters, I try hard to ignore what the smog is doing to my young child's lungs. This is not the place to come to start anew - there are too many other places to go in this country. Have a serious game plan, nest egg and resources if you do!



School System
Where i live is just e;sthat where i live. The school system here is mass up in many ways. To many students per teacher, Kinagarden is half a day the same as it was when they were in preschool. There's more but my comments want change anything.



I'm ready to leave
Being born and raised in Southern California I have been used to our high quality of life for a long time. That, however is changing. Higher costs to live, ever increasing government regulation and interference at all levels is diminishing the desire to stay. I don't see much that leads me to believe it will change any time soon so I'm starting my search for a better place.



Lots to do in Long Beach
There are many different ethnicities sharing Long Beach and this enriches the recreational and cultural activities here in Long Beach. Each culture offers unique restaurants, festivals and celebrations. Additionally, many cultures have established museums and neighborhoods. Since Long Beach is on the Pacific ocean, residents enjoy beaches, boating, jet skiing etc. Lastly, due to its location, Hollywood as well as many other cities and attractions are minutes away from Long Beach. Long Beach is wonderfully tolerant as well and is home to diverse cultures as well as gay, lesbian and transgendered folks. Its a great place to live and play because of that.



Mellow Hidden Gem of SoCal
Long Beach has it's drawbacks, certainly, but after a year here, I don't miss LA nearly as much as I used to. Long Beach has an equally diverse (if smaller) demographic, and tons of the East Side vibe I loved in Silver Lake--at a fraction of the cost. What Long Beach loses is theater scene, it makes up in music, and what it lacks in sheer numbers, it makes up in a neighborhood feel.


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