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Leave, do not move here. Its horrible. - 3/17/2021
Local born and bred. This place is going down the drain. Crime is up, housing is up, yuppies finding nothing wrong with it since they want to validate spending 3k on a 2 bedroom. The beaches are sewers, the schools are horrible, the mayor is more interested in a photo op than helping the people. Its getting worse as homelessness increases and 80% of people spend more than half of there income on rent while our power goes out regularly. Leave, leave now before the sea level rise drops real estate to where no one wants to live here any Read More

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I love Long Beach! - 2/17/2020
I love Long Beach. I especially shoreline village and the aquarium of the pacific. The only big problem here (for me) is crime. Otherwise, nice Read More

Sense of community - 6/16/2018
The cost of living is extremely high and there are way too many apartments or multi unit homes which have no parking. But with everyone living on top of each other it really does allow everyone a chance to get to know each other. The weather is really nice here and the beaches are clean. There is even a nice dog beach. If you can get use to the homeless population and the congestion this town isn't bad. Entertainment is easy to come by and its close to everything. Although I don't think you'd want your kids to go to the public schools. The tax rate is high and as a result you go out of the city to make any large purchases Read More

Taxes and spending out of control - 2/16/2017
Love to tax it's hard working citizens. Continually places incremental tax increases on ballot. 2016 duped the voters in passing 880 million for community college. Followed in the next election with 1.5 billion for lower education schools. 1/2 percent sales tax hike for libraries, cops and streets. Promoting in next election 1/4 increase for homeless. Read More

worst place san pedro,californis dangerous crimi - 11/29/2016
worst place to live long beach California also the very worst is san pedro ,California dirty and very dangerous. I was born here and it is very dangerous with criminals and you can not go out at night because of crime. the cruise ships lie to passengers about is being Read More

Vote - 11/8/2016
Democratic Read More

This place is trash - 4/9/2015
My review of Long Beach and California in general is of the Cappa Tort Philosophy. It's a very over-rated pig sty. Although you do have the sun, what to do with it is the problem. There are no jobs here at all. The pay stinks if your lucky to find one and the cost of living is very high. Living in california can be described as save nothing earn nothing and enjoy your sexy Read More

Quality of Life - 5/27/2014
LB offers or is close too every possible amenity you could imagine, so you will want for nothing here materially or as far as entertainment. Downside, cost of living is high. Population density too high. Pollution too high. That's it in a nutshell.
On balance nice place to visit, I would not pick it as the best place to live out a life, or raise a Read More

California - 7/23/2013
Long Beach is a great place to live. It is in close to both the OC and South Bay areas. We have it all - weather, entertainment, plenty of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, houses are smaller, older and more expensive than a lot of other cities. In addition, California is losing business that paid decent salaries and not attracting new ones. So if you have a house and a job, it's a nice place to live. Read More

You will die here! - 3/21/2013
If the crime won't get you killed, the polluted air and dirty ocean Read More

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