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Gray little commuter town by the distant sea - 5/29/2019
I've lived in Marina for the last 15 years. It is a gray place with old dated looking buildings, no real main street, and is the domain of the slum lord, and the mini mart. The homes used to be blue collar and affordable but are now getting bought out by wealthy bay area commuters, and are raising the cost of everything to 500,00 for a new home. Renting is expensive as well as slum lords are catching on to the potential of living here and raising the cost. As far as stores go, there is the usual assortment of fast food places, a couple grocery stores, some places to eat, a court house and the works. There is a Target closer to the Sand city/Seaside side of Marina which is pretty good. There are a couple of beaches, and parks, but the beaches don't allow dogs. On the plus side, the air quality is good, there is a small farmer's market, and the shopping is decent for what it is. I can't say this has a hometown, or even a college vibe to it though. Definitely feels like a commuter Read More

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If you grew up in the Army, you'll feel right at h - 4/14/2008
Old Fort Ord is the only affordable housing on the Monterey Peninsula. It's frequently colder here than it was in Oregon. There is finally some local public transportation, but Greyhound doesn't stop here any more, and the northbound trains leave at some unholy hour in the morning unless you can hitch a ride to San Jose to catch the other AMTRAK Read More

wish i could move back - 11/4/2007
I find it funny when I lived here from '91-'01 there were hardly any stores new homes being build to justify staying. Then as soon as I move the city finally starts using the area fort ord used to occupy and putting in new stores and suddenly the housing prices are out of control. If Marina is how I remember it, the streets were safe, not perfect but definately not like the lights and sirens hellhole I live in now (Stockton, CA). Now that Marina is finally getting its own high school and new projects are being pursued I couldn't buy a house there if I wanted to. If you can and have the money move here it's a great place to raise a Read More

Coastal Town - 7/13/2007
On the Monterey Peninsula, Marina California is a very charming coastal town that is approx. 15 minutes from Monterey Cannery Row, 20 minutes from Carmel-By the Sea, and 23 minutes from Pebble Beach. The weather is similar to San Francisco's, because of the fog that sits over the ocean that drift over the town. I love the atmosphere here! It's only 5 minutes away from the ocean.

In June and July don't be surprise if you have to light the fireplace, as for these months at times can feel like the months of November and December which I find cozy, while sipping hot tea or coffee and watching a good old classic movie or reading a good book. December/Christmas sometimes are sunny and comfortably cool. Personally I find the months of August through the first of November are the perfect months. Monterey, Carmel-By-the Sea, and Pebble Beach temperatures are usually warmer than Marina's by 5-10 degrees.

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