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Morgan Hill, California is a small city located in Santa Clara County, just south of San Jose. With a population of approximately 45,000, it is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and strong sense of community. The city offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and biking trails, as well as a lively downtown area with local shops and restaurants. Many residents rave about the small-town feel and strong sense of community in Morgan Hill, making it a popular place to live in California.

According to numerous user reviews on, living in Morgan Hill offers a unique and positive experience for many individuals. One reviewer, named "Katie," praises the city's welcoming atmosphere, stating "Morgan Hill truly has that small-town charm and everyone is so friendly and welcoming." Similarly, "John" notes that the "community is very tight-knit and supportive," adding to the overall positive community feel.

In addition to the welcoming community, many residents also appreciate the natural beauty of Morgan Hill. "Samantha" shares, "I love the outdoor activities here - there are so many hiking and biking trails to explore." Similarly, "Tyler" mentions how the "scenic views of the surrounding hills make for a peaceful and picturesque setting."

While the small-town feel and natural surroundings are highlighted in many reviews, some users also mention the convenience of Morgan Hill's location. "Sarah" notes, "Being just south of San Jose is great for work opportunities, but I also appreciate the slower pace of living here." Overall, it seems that Morgan Hill offers the perfect balance of natural beauty, community, and location for many of its residents.

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$$$$ marked utility bills by local government, don - 11/17/2010
Utility bills for my 3 bedroom house pinch me every month and encourage me to move to San Jose area. Why are utilities in this city are so expensive like other living expenses here, I never understood. Good luck to me for saving anything for my Read More

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Lovely Weather - 10/29/2010
After spending all of my life in the mid-west I had the hardest time getting used to living in California the lifestyle was so different. There is only one thing that I realized can keep me here in this area and that is the weather. I love how a summer day starts out so cool then the sun will bring out the warmth and with very rare exception when the sun goes down in the evening over the hills in the west you can open up the windows and feel the the cool air from the ocean as it moves into the valley for the night. It is amazing how a day that can get up to 95 degrees can drop down to 65 degrees that same evening so that you can sleep in total comfort without air conditioning.  Read More
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the best climate available- live in the Tuscany of - 7/9/2009
Ever wonder why many Italians immigrated to the San Jose California area?
The answer is that the weather is most like what they are used to. Temperate. Slightly warm, rarely hot in the summer and sweater cold in the winter. You can view the snow in the distant mountains without having to scrape it off your driveway. Within 30 minutes to 4 hours, you can be at any climate imaginable: snow ski in the morning and windsurf in the bay in the afternoon. Hike in the mountains and redwood forests or attend a broadway play... all in the same day. The cost of living may be higher, but it is well worth Read More

Nice Bedroom Community - 5/22/2006
Morgan Hill is about 30 miles south of Downtown San Jose. It's a bedroom community. The average selling priced home in April, 2006 was $930,000. There are currently a little over 200 homes for sale. It's not a very exciting town, but it's a wealthy little Read More

High cost of living / house prices in Morgan Hill - 5/13/2006
Morgan Hill is a very nice place to live (nice climate and good services) but is very expensive, especially house Read More

It's like living in the South of France without ha - 2/2/2006
Morgan Hill California is a great place to live. If you can afford it. Housing costs are high, very high. The median house price here is $710,000.00.

The weather is some of the best in the world. I've talked with people who now live in Morgan Hill from both France and Italy. They both have told me they prefer Morgan Hill.

The City Council here is very protective of the city and its ambiance. The growth rate is under control and the schools here are very good. It's a thirty minute ride to San Jose and about an hour to Monterey.

I do wish Morgan Hill would do more to promote our down town area and we could use more good restaurants. Morgan Hill is very civic minded and the people here are very friendly. We came here thirty months ago from North Hampton, New Hampshire. We still miss New England but we're happy in Morgan Hill, Read More

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