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I WISH I COULD MOVE! - 10/1/2019
I have lived here for many years and I wish I could move elsewhere.
I have lived on both the east and west sides of this city. The west side is supposedly better and I would probably agree. All the reviewers who love this city should look up the actual crime rate.
Yes, you can get a newer home for a cheaper price than the L.A. area but one must wonder why that is.
The schools are overcrowded especially the high schools and the community college. The average population of the high schools here are around 3,500 students and the student to teacher ratio is awful. There are numerous fights at these schools including the so called best high school here (QHHS). They just keep adding more portable classrooms rather than building more schools.
I will say that the teachers at the schools have been the best part of this valley.
If you like fast food, high unemployment and a high crime rate then this is your city!
Also, before you move here make sure your Read More

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Beautiful - 8/17/2014
I live in West Palmdale, right by the mall and i just love it. The area is in need of more restaurants, preferably steak houses, a good old fashion Chinese restaurant and bbq places but it has everything else. Kid parks are limited and public pools too but they don't get too over crowded, at least when i've gone. The mall is nice, nothing special. For the most part, west palmdale is the place to be. It's comfortable; grade schools are nice; most people are nice; neighborhoods are quiet. Weekends can be a pain to shop since people from all over come out to shop but its not to bad, just have to be patient. i haven't become a victim to any of the popular crimes of palmdale and i've lived here for a year. i think cops are doing a great job at keeping the peace.  Read More

Review - 7/27/2013
None Read More

West of the freeway - 4/12/2013
Only after moving here, I was told to live on the west side of the freeway. Now I know why. I'm glad I Read More

crime rate - 6/28/2012
Our crime rate here in LA County is high as County Law Enforcement does not allow qualified citizens who apply to carry concealed weapons. In geographic areal where vetted, trained solid citizens who understand the responsibilities and serious dangers of breaking the laws, are not allowed to legally carry concealed weapons (CCW) The crime rate is lower where this is allowed as criminals tend to go to safe areas. Read More

High Desert - 1/4/2012
Climate: all four seasons
Housing market: Low and you can buy a large property for great price.
Downtown Lancaster CA on the BLVD, spectacular outside farmers market, bowling alley underground at Becks Restaurant, Palmdale Mall, mountain biking, hiking, family clubs, commuter train to Downtown L.A., wine farm, 50 min to Moutain High ski area. Last but not least, best date shakes at Charlie Brown's.Read More

Palmdale is a great place to live! - 3/31/2011
I know this city has gotten a bad rap over the years but I live here with my husband and 3 children and we really like it. I have lived in Santa Clarita and the valley and I have to say that this place beats those. We live on the west side and there are beautiful homes here that the average family can actually afford. There are parks, tons of restaurants, movie theatres, shopping, etc. They have beefed-up the sheriffs in the area and so the crime is minimal and they have a junior college and 4 year college close by in Lancaster. The air is cleaner, the houses aren't on top of each other. You can take a one hour car drive to the beach, the mountains or anywhere in between and the cost of living compared to other areas is much less.

Palmdale used to have a great amount of section 8 housing, but that has also changed. My only two complaints are jobs and schools. In the future, I am hoping that more companies will move this way so that people don't have to commute and Read More

I love it here! - 6/15/2010
I was born in Los Angeles and 36 years later, I discovered a priceless gem in this wonderful desert city known as Palmdale. This is the place to get away from the caustic traffic that is so popular in Los Angeles city. The people here are more friendly and welcoming than my L.A counterparts. The houses are very spacious and quite inexpensive. The weather is usually a little more extreme than Los Angeles, varying from high winds to dry heat.It makes for many interesting conversations within the community.

I will continue buying homes in the Palmdale area. I am here for Read More

It's not a family friendly place - 6/6/2010
For my family it was nice living for 12 years. Now we are moving and living behind our house because nobody cares to protect our neighborhood from teenage thugs. In our case they were all girls. The city keeps these things as a secret. They only report Section 8 crimes. The media will never report it and once you move to Palmdale you become trapped. You have this beautiful house and for a reason. You'll never go out. You can't look outside your windows, so view is not important. You won't be enjoying your backyard, so don't waste your money on landscaping. Bottom line, if you want to move to Palmdale with small children, don't! There is no safe place for them to grow up. I tried to post reviews and write numerous letters to tell many people how really life in Palmdale looks like but nobody would publish it. Palmdale right now is only east side and Rancho Vista. The west side of Palmdale has been Read More

Bad place to live - 6/2/2010
I have lived in Palmdale for 12 years. We lived in a quiet neighborhood on the west side. For years stories of people having problems with their neighbors/ neighbor’s children were floating around. We considered ourselves lucky. Now we are moving and leaving our house behind due to safety issues. We are leaving because we are still alive and want to remain as such. Our neighborhood has been infested with unruly teenagers. It started with a small act of vandalism. When I told them to don’t come back, not only they did come back, they did it with a force of probably 20 kids their age. This is their new spot now. And their new game of intimidation. Trash, damages, foul language, rudeness, disrespect for our personal property. Our children can’t play outside anymore. We are locked up behind walls and the blinds are pulled down all the time. Our neighbors the same. This has become our new view. These girls between the ages 12-16 have no respect for anyone or anything and most of them live Read More

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3156 Viana Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

5345 Sunburst Dr
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533 Morningside Ter
Bed 3 | Bath 2

38514 Frontier Ave
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39123 Silverberry Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

37017 45th St E
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4628 Vitrina Ln
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