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More Bang for one's Buck in Bay Area Terms - 12/28/2020
The entire Bay Area is ridiculous. You can't compare it to other areas. RWC is reasonably cheap for the area. I pay $5K for a rental townhouse in one of the many buildings sprouting up Downtown. I'm in the middle of the Bay Area so I can commute to both SF and SJ if I need to. There is more to do than in most of the Silicon Valley. It's close to Stanford Mall and Hillsdale Mall.

The cons are, I don't always feel safe without my husband around. There are a lot of creepy homeless people. Obviously, its not SF levels but I feel like there are more here than in suburban LA where I'm from. There are some iffy areas of RWC but they are also right next to Atherton so whatev and I don't have to commute from the East Bay.

My main peeve is that there is a great movie theater within walking distance but the restaurants all close at 9pm so there is no where to go eat after a movie. That is freaking annoying. Read More

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Nice place, but being paved with apartments. - 10/7/2018
Lovely weather. Safe place to live (I live in Redwood Shores). The only thing that keeps this place from being 5 stars is the cost of housing. When you have to pay an average of $3000 a month for a 1BR/1BA 700 sq ft apartment... Plus when I came here in 2014, it was a charming little place stuck in the 50's and 60's with family-owned businesses everywhere. In 4 short years, everything has started to get plowed under to build more overpriced apartment buildings. Redwood City used to be "too far" from SF to the north and SJ to the south, but costs there have driven a "housing boom" here, if you call huge towers full of 500 sq ft studios that rent for $4000 a month and sit right against the Caltrain tracks a housing Read More

Redwood City is in the middle of silicon vallye - 10/20/2014
Silicon valley has vibrant and booming economy, i live in Redwood City because it is in the middle and i can go to work for companies from San Francisco to San Read More

Climate is realy Best by government test - 2/24/2011
Moving to Redwood City from upstate NY, it is realy a pleasure to be able to go out for a run in my short anytime during the year. Great weather, no to hot, not to Read More

Great proximity and (relative!) affordability - 11/30/2010
Redwood City is one of the most affordable places to live on the Peninsula. Besides having great weather, we are close to everything. In 45 minutes, we can be in downtown San Francisco, swimming in the Pacific Ocean or camping in Redwood forests. Even closer are Stanford University, both the San Francisco and San Jose airports, and more open space preserves than I've had time to explore even after 12 years of living and hiking here. We have a great downtown area that as been recently revitalized, but when we get tired of it we just go 10 minutes north to San Carlos or 10 minutes south to Menlo Park and Palo Alto, each of which has a great selection of restaurants and Read More

Redwood city - 12/28/2008
Overall, Redwood City is a nice place to live. It is in the middle of the Bay Area suburbia, which means it is a stone's throw away from many other suburbs and cities that have almost everything that you could want or need. The weather is some of the best in the country with guaranteed no-rain days in the most of the spring, all of the summer, and most of the autumn. Negative aspects are the cost of housing and other goods, as well as significant Read More

A great place for community, families & culture - 9/19/2008
One of my favorite things about living in Redwood City (besides the weather) is the community focus and new downtown which features cultural events all year round, but especially in the summer. Friday nights always have free concerts in our Courthouse Square, Wednesday nights have free concerts in the park, Thursday nights have free dance lessons and music, last Wednesday they had a huge festival honoring Mexican Independence Day, this weekend they have a salsa festival (both dancing, tasting and crafts). They also have an immigrants festival. The downtown library has magic shows, animal events, a reading to dogs program, multiple storytimes, etc. Living here, I feel like I don't have to leave to have fun. The Redwood City Mother's Club is also a great community for Read More

Climate - 3/14/2008
I have worked & traveled throughout the country and this area has the best temperature/humidity range I have found -- just make sure that you have enough money to live Read More

hella high - 7/9/2006
lets just say I pay 1500 dollars for a two bedroom Read More

Redwood City, CA - 6/7/2006
Awesome Read More

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