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Better places in Motherlode - 5/20/2018
While there are mostly good, nice people here, there is a very strong contingency of unwelcoming, closed-minded, "clan mentality" (clan with a C, not Klan that I know of) people as well that influence the climate. Seems like some people are proud of being ignorant and backwards. The political tendency is mostly very conservative, but there are some liberal people here, too, or those that don't fall into one camp or another. Most people here are fine and don't have weird issues with race, but you can run into overt racism here more than some other places. From what I've observed, more people would have a problem with openly gay or trans folks. Not a lot for teens to do, not a lot of good restaurants, and no night life. If you feel like you can live with all of that, then you will be in beautiful country with lots of things within driving distance - lakes, mountains, camping, skiing/snowshoeing, fishing, wineries/breweries, the occasional concert or public event, etc.  Read More

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Costly - 6/26/2016
Sonora is more for those who are ready to retire and dont want to live in a big city. We have beautiful mountains lakes and rivers lots of places to hike and camp. The problem living here is that for the good jobs you need at least 6 months to a year experience. There isnt much for teenagers except going to the movies or our local casino where they have a arcade room. The cost of living here is extremely high a pound of hamburger can cost you around $12.00 at Safeway. We have our crime just like anywhere else and a lot of it is due to the increase of drug use and population growth with jobs lacking. There isnt any affordable housing your utilities and enemeties will be more then your rent. Due to the fact that Sonora is located in California everything is more costly. Read More

Meth, Thieves, Gangs - 5/15/2015
This used to be a quiet great place to live until overrun with people trying to hide. Meth/gangs/theft are all a way of life now. Tuolumne City has become a meth gang area capital. Anyone arrested is released in 24-72 hours which sickens law enforcement. There are places which are known to strip copper and sell metal. Other places meth houses that keep felons on the down low. Crime will get worst and worst. Not to mention the murders and missing. Sadly Gods country became Devils Read More

Wonderful place to live. - 1/30/2012
I have lived in Sonora my entire life and love it. It is a small town with enough stores and conveniences to make it easy. Lots of things to do outdoors year round. Close to Yosemite and other fabulous Read More

Sonora - 9/8/2009
I have lived here for almost 10 years...It works for me as a resident as I run a successful business here and teach at the college.
I am frustrated at times becasue we are so far from the airport and culturally the area is a bit weak...and the economy has of course affected everything...but that is true for most smaller cities in cal.
I will write more when i Read More

Friendly and Laid Back Small Town - 5/30/2009
I moved back to Sonora 3 years ago after living in the Bay Area for over 20 years and I am very happy with the friendliness and small town feel that makes me feel welcome. I recently read other comments that were very critical of Sonora. Sonora does have some issues, as does any other area. The meth users are depressing to see and there is a lot of low income and poor looking housing. However, I saw this to a much higher extent in the Bay Area. What I love about the Sonora area is that everyone cares about their fellow man. When I drive down a street, strangers will wave and smile at me. When I go to the bank, I hear friendly chatting, laughter and see people greeting each other with hugs and welcoming handshakes. In the Bay Area when I go to a bank, it is silent and serious. There is a very diverse type of people here, and many are of the "good ole boy" attitude. But I also see that almost all people are very open minded here and very easy to talk to. The old timers are Read More

Not so pristine - 11/23/2008
Everyone will tell you how beautiful, wonderful, and safe this area is. I finally read a few paragraphs on here where someone hit the nail on the head. There is a ton of crime, drugs, and unemployment. Houseing costs and cost of living are through the roof leaving the working class in low income housing and barely able to feed their Read More

Friendly small town - 2/28/2008
Although Highway 49 is the main street of the town, even in dense traffic, drivers are polite. People wait for pedestrians to cross on designated crosswalks, and allow others to make needed left turns against oncoming traffic. If someone doesn't slow down for cross traffic or pedestrians, we assume they are from out of town and don't know any better. Living in a small town is pleasant in many ways, but that is one of Read More

The Bright Side...Well Maybe Not - 7/24/2007
On the bright side, the Black Oak Casino seems to be getting bigger and has given many new jobs to the area. Remember you can grow up, go to school, and work at the Casino, Wal-Mart, or the Prison.

Most people move to the mountains for the "Fresh Air and Clean Water" but not here. The smog from the central valley comes right in due to the inversion layer and winds. The crime rate is high and one of the hospitals just closed.

It says a lot about a community when the first sights coming into the town is a Strip Joint, a State Prison, the 1st of two Casino's (one of which has a sign pointing right which reads on your next left - Chicken Ranch Casino), and the Sewer treatment plant and ponds.

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Sonora Review - 7/24/2007
Having lived here for almost a decade, I have found that Sonora is just plan wired. The locals that have been here for a number of years are either nice and respectable or are drunk out of work losers that have a huge egos about themselves and everything their granddaddy's did before they lost their ranches in a poker match. For a small rural county and area, Sonora has very few real working ranches. The community is all about fast development and sprawl. The area has absolutely no planning and traffic is a nightmare.

For most of the new comers, almost everyone is from the San Jose, Livermore, and Santa Cruz area. Most of these folks sold their homes for high dollars and have relocated to Sonora in hopes of becoming the new upper class. Bling, Bling in a lifted pickup trucks is everywhere. SUV's for family's lifted ten feet in the air are commonplace. Between the drug users, parolees from the prison (oh ya there’s a State Prison here to), the prison guards Read More

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22876 Cedarcrest Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

9655 Poppy Hills Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

16191 Acorn Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

22243 Belleview Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 1

16579 Creekside Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

18001 Bonanza Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 4

10857 Martin Terrace Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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