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It’s better than Stanton - 8/8/2019
I lived in Yorba Linda for 15+ years. I saw this city change from a peaceful countryesque town to a raving wantobe city. The population grew over 30,000 people in 15 years and they are attempting to build even more in a canyon ravaged by fire 10 years ago. The infrastructure is terrible at best and it can take up to 15 minutes to drive three miles. The city government is run by the building contractors through their children, spouses, and campaign contributions.
Do not think about moving here if you own a horse, the city has been promising a stable for 25 years while the contractors promise those who buy their houses there will never be a stable.
On the brighter side, the schools are better than most, although cheating is an everyday occurrence on all four of the high school campuses.
So if a 60x100 lot filled with a 4000 sq. ft. house is your idea of heaven, then this is the place for you. Good Read More

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A Great place to raise a family! - 2/23/2019
I've lived in Yorba Linda for more than 10 years and would not live anywhere else. Friendly people, great restaurants, open areas to hike and play, and fantastic weather. Schools are fantastic. Perfect place to raise a family. Read More

Crime in Yorba Linda - 12/13/2018
Crime has taken Read More

Yorba Linda is the land of gracious living - 3/27/2014
YL is reasonably laid back. Great location in Southern California that has significant low density housing along with tract homes. Cost of living is moderate with the exception of housing (and associated property taxes), but due to the great climate and location, you get what you pay Read More

Yorba Linda has the best climate - 3/5/2012
If you like mild weather, Yorba Linda, CA is the place to live. We're close enough to the coast that we're able to experience those refreshing onshore breezes without the gloomy fog that comes with living at the beach. Yet we aren't so far inland that we have to put up with the extreme summer heat and the smog of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. In short: the best of both worlds! Read More

Quality of life - 10/28/2009
Overall the city is nice, however with the ever increasing amount of vehicle traffic as well as new homes being built, a once quaint community is evolving into just another Read More

Educational system - 8/30/2009
I am a Literacy Coach who adviced her adult children to move to Yorba Linda because of the excellent educational system Yorba Linda has to offer without the cost of paying for private schools. Since my children are here, I also moved to Yorba Linda across the street from the elementary school that 8 of my 10 grandchildren attended(Bryant Ranch).
In the pass, more than one of my beautiful grandchildren scored Far Below Basic on their CST's, but by the time they were in high school,they reached Proficient, and the grandchildren who have been in the Yorba Linda school system since kindergarten have easily scored Advanced. Teachers here can teach! I should know, and with all my heart,I am truly thankful!
Celia LopezRead More

"land of gracious living" - 9/26/2008
I was raised in Yorba Linda, and must say that it is the most family-friendly city in Southern California. There is very little crime, clean streets, beautiful homes, and excellent schools. The only planned expansion in the near future that I can see is the construction of several homes in the Black Gold Golf Course area, which will only add to the community (these are $1,000,000+, absolutely gorgeous homes). The people are generally friendly, and it is one of very few cities in the region that has yet to be invaded with illegal immigrants (allowing for the high quality education). The only drawbacks to Yorba Linda are the lack of recreational activities and the cost of real estate having an effect on the children raised in Yorba Linda (it is unlikely that recent college grads will be able to move back to Orange County due to the high cost of housing). Otherwise, it is an excellent place to live and raise a Read More

Need to make lots of money to live here - 5/24/2008
Yorba Linda is a very nice place to live with lots to do, but only if you are Read More

High cost of living in Yorba Linda, California - 7/31/2006
The average price of a house in Yorba Linda exceeds $750,000. This fact makes it impossible for my adult children to be able to afford to purchase a home in Southern California at this Read More

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92886 92887

5922 Lynnbrook Plz
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3294 Red Pine Rd
Bed 6 | Bath 5

21610 Via Pepita
Bed 3 | Bath 3

18764 Secretariat Way
Bed 5 | Bath 6

5600 Sugar Pine Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4094 Santa Anita Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 6

25508 Aragon Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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