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Growing City - 1/10/2016
We moved to Parker a year and a half ago from Oregon. So far the sun and wide open ranges have been very nice. Parker has a mixture of open land, farms and communities and apartments. Cherry Creek runs right through it so it is great for walking or bike riding.

The down side is that there is a great deal of growth happening and every parcel of land in town is for sale. In about 10 years the city will be pretty covered with buildings unless you are in the eastside where the larger lots and homes are (which is more expensive). The schools are so-so. The school board has been awful and teachers and principals have left in droves. My son's high school lost over 20 teachers in one year. They hire teachers fresh out of school.

The diversity is at a bare minimum, and this is frustrating. You need to go into Denver for the diversity and cultural experience.

Cheerful people for the most part as the sun keeps you feeling good. Read More

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dry - 11/13/2015
not enough rain

no humidity

skin peeling off fingers and feet it is so dry and Read More

Cost of living is pretty high - 12/8/2014
In Douglas County Colorado the cost of living is among the highest in Colorado. You would be hard pressed to find a house for less than $300k with most decent houses in the $500k or higher range. Water & Sewage are high enough that you REALLY want to conserve water.
It is a very beautiful, but costly place to Read More

Parker, Colorado - 2/2/2013
Winters have tamed down 2009 to present. Summers are very dry and mild-hot.
Cost of living offers something for every family.
Crime (i. e. youth drugs) remains an issue and concern.
Arts and culture is coming alive with the new Parker Arts Center. Nice.
Parker operates within a reasonable economy.
Parker offers good public and private school choices. 30 minutes - 2 hour radius to excellent colleges.
Air and water quality is excellent as reported by Army Corp of Engineers.
Housing options range from low-income apartments to breath-taking homes. That's Parker, something for every family.
Best mayor in Colorado 2004-2012, in my opinion. Involved, accessible, for the people.
Good quality of life - Denver jobs; international airport; modest housing price changes; fantastic outdoor recreation.
Reasonable drive to mountains; new water reservoir 2013; excellent bike paths between Parker and CO State Parks
Most religious Read More

Denver-area small town - 2/2/2013
Good small town in Denver-area for Read More

mountain views - 10/13/2011
Beautiful place to live. Great views of the front Read More

schools cost - 8/12/2010
If you live in Parker you are in the Douglas County school district. This district does not give the schools the money they need. This year we lost Spanish and are being charged a bus fee per bus ride. Its too bad they can't put more money into the schools nobody is poor in this Read More

Quality of Life - 8/7/2009
Great sunny weather, okay cost of living, low crime, awesome recreation, low utilities, athletic people, low sales tax Read More

Perky Parker - 6/1/2009
Parker is full of middle class suburban families living in medium size houses on small lots. It does, however, take its open space and recreational oportunities very seriously. Most families are active in both structured and unstructured outdoor pursuits. And almost everyone has at least one dog....most likely a lab. Schools are considered good, and all manner of big box stores (etc) are available. Crime is low and mostly petty. The growing season is quite short, but the views of snow-covered mountains help to make up for Read More

My favorite place! - 5/15/2009
I LOVE living in Parker. I grew up farther south in Colorado, moved to Utah for ten years, and now I am back. This community is my favorite of all that I have lived in. The town is small enough that traffic isn't a problem. It has all of the basic shopping that I need 90% of the time. The people are great. Everyone has been so nice and friendly. The HOAs make sure that the neighborhoods are well kept up. The schools are great. I have 4 children and this is a great place to raise them. I haven't yet found anything to complain Read More

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