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Plenty of Housing - 8/29/2020
I like Denver metro, but some cities aren’t too great. Thornton being one of them. Moved here because of highway access, and convenience to DIA for business travel. Am anxious to move out of this suburb! The only thing holding me back is my house, which I love. Thank goodness we have convenient enough access to shopping, restaurants, recreation, and entertainment in surrounding cities and areas. Thornton is just housing, lacking in the above, unless you go way north. Even then Thornton’s offerings are few and not impressive at all.
Property tax is outrageous for this city that offers very little. What are they doing with our tax dollars? City planning and zoning is terrible. They just keep building more housing. It’s the 6th largest city in CO and doesn’t even have a movie theater. Just about everything south of Thornton Pkwy looks dirty, is run down, outdated, and not well maintained, including the old shopping center which is a vacant, hazardous dump the city won’t do Read More

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Population is exploding - 4/3/2015
The quality of life here in not good. The traffic is bad all the time. To try to get to the mountains takes forever! Also most lakes along the front range you can't even swim in. They use the excuse that it's the cities' drinking water, however they allow boats with motors in a lot of the lakes. It's also very windy especially in the Spring. I have lived in Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Cripple Creek, and Grand Junction. If you weigh, commute time, quality of life, weather, and easy access to the outdoors. I would choose Grand Junction. Read More

The stats are deceptive - 3/5/2015
If I were you I wouldn't put much faith into the crime stats for this city. I personally know of a few major crimes and several assaults that were NOT prosecuted by the Adams County DA and the Thornton, Colorado police department. Abuse and exploitation of the elderly that contributed to the death of a loved one is the major crime. The evidence was insurmountable but still nothing being done. There were photographs of the vicious abuse, the victim's statements, and many records of financial and general neglect (dozens of trips to the ER for "falls"). The same accused person assaulted my mother as well! Thornton, Colorado police are pathetic. I've lived next door to a cartel drug house for several years and they don't do anything about that as well. I find dime bags with dollar signs on them in the street, all sorts of traffic, 8-9 trash cans every trash day, loud music, several large aggressive pit bulls, and security cameras around a mobile home. Not to mention high end cars Read More

The Pros and Cons of Thornton, CO - 9/4/2009
I've lived in Thornton for the last 2.5 yrs and I have to say its a great, well located town to live in. My job demands alot of travel , so I'm 20min from the airport, 10 mintues from downtown and 45 min from the closest ski resort. I will admit that traffic is bad during rush hour (1hr+ to South Denver on I-25) & during big downtown events, but there are always alternative routes. Due to the fact that Adams County has had so many foreclosures, the housing prices in Thornton & the surounding areas are a bit depressed, but then they never zoomed out of sight either. Looking for a modest starter home under $200,000? - You'll be overwhelmed by the selction. I would caution anyone looking at relocating to spend the time to seriously investiagte the neighborhood as their are pockets of crime/older construction/ bad elements that will butt right up to a newer, more affluent neighborhood. (The growth pattern of the city is interesting...) City services have been great and the community Read More

Californian's GO HOME - 6/29/2006
If you are from California and are looking for a place to re-locate Colorado is not for you!! Keep your home price running up asses on the west coast! You will probably move to Colorado run the house prices up and leave after your first snow storm anyway. Save yourself the trouble...Go to Read More

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