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Lousy investment, - 4/13/2019
Lousy investment. I bought 35 acres in 2005, and has not appreciated. Thought it was a deal at 895$/acre, however, it is only worth 195 to 295 per acre even if it has Ponderosa. Government attacking small land owners by reevaluating land from farm/ranch to private which raised tax 40,000%. Only ones profiting are large developers who can afford giant parcels then subdivide to suckers who will hold bags for rest of their lives. It's a trap for little investors. Run the other way.  Read More

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If you are looking at Trinidad... - 11/2/2014
check it out and move here. I've lived all over this country so I know best. Look for the economy to grow very fast here and you better buy quick. Great architecture in town. There is a food shortage but that should change quick when the economy recovers. I've enjoyed it so far-I love the sun, altitude and I wish I moved here 20 years ago. I like to be free and I feel freer Read More
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HELP - 1/11/2014
Should we move here from Read More

Trinidad Colorado in a nutshell - 7/23/2013
Trinidad is a small town that has a few nice features like the wonderful blues fest and a couple of nice Art galleries. This town has minimal to no economic development and the town over all is not well maintained. There are very few good eateries, no movie theaters and shopping with the exception of a walmart or over priced shops in the downtown district. The area has little room to achieve any type of financial gain as there are very few jobs or opportunities. With the exception of a few historic homes that have been maintained and restored beautifully, the majority appear runned down and in obvious need of updating to the 21st century. If you like stepping back in time of an old desert town with inflated prices and little to do, Trinidad is a wonderful choice. Read More

Trinidad Colorado in a nut shell - 7/23/2013
I find Trinidad colorado to be an economically challenged area with very little growth. The blues fest is great but the overall area is very old and bordering delapetated. There are very few jobs and very little opportunity for advancement. Homes in Trinidad and surrounding area are overpriced and outdated mostly. On a positive note , there are some cool historic homes that have been well maintained and are beautiful. The cost of living is higher than most surrounding areas with very few choices of eateries, movie theaters and overall entertainment. Nice place to drive through to a different destination. Weather is great in the fall but terribly desert like hot in summer and stays very cold through spring. If you like living back in time with inflated pricing and housing, Trinidad is for you.  Read More

Trinidad Colorado. - 7/23/2013
Trinidad is a depressed little town with backward people. The scenery is very dry and old and drab. Their are no jobs, good eateries or modern updated homes. Basically an old ghost town! Why the rave here is beyond me. Go see for yourself! I am from this town and can't believe I stayed as long as I did. It's also very expensive! On a positive note, it's got a decent blues festival and a couple cool antique stores. Read More

Trinidad Colorado - 7/23/2013
Trinidad is a depressed little town.. The scenery is very dry and old and drab. Their are no jobs, good eateries or modern updated homes. Basically an old ghost town! Why the rave here is beyond me. Go see for yourself! I am from this town and can't believe I stayed as long as I did. The weather is very hot in summer and cold and windy the rest of the year. Read More

climate all year round - 2/26/2013
Trinidad has about 9,000 residents and is the county seat of the very large and quite empty Las Animas County. The winters have many sunny days and few are overcast in the year.
Usually there is little snow or rain, and this area east of the Rockies is rather dry, about with 15.5" of precipitation. Visibility tends to be unlimited, the skies are some of the bluest you have ever seen.
Snow comes more in February, March, and April. It can arrive in a one-foot dump, or as light flakes in 4" levels, but usually melts off during the day or the second day.
If the cloudy days and nights in the Midwest are hard on your spirit, this may be the place for Read More

Trinidad is a wonderful place to live! - 8/18/2009
We moved to Trinidad about 2 years ago and having lived in the mountains about 45 minutes west of town for many years we weren't sure we'd like being in "the city." Our worries are over -- it's nice to tap into the many things that are happening in Trinidad, from the yearly BluesFest to the frequent art shows at the Mitchell Museum, to the Farmer's Market at beautiful Cimino Park along the Riverwalk. It's not surprising to learn that the job market is tough here -- as it is across the nation now. Trinidad is a great place to live. Come for a visit .... and Read More

air health - 2/19/2009
Trinidad Colorado has some of the best air in the US - all you have to do is come here and breathe and you can tell it, seeing it on paper in your comparisons makes it real So many of us have said you can tell the difference here for Read More

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730 Park St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1007 Stonewall Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

837 Robinson Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1919 Pinon St
Bed 6 | Bath 4

1031 Robinson Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

33054 Ponderosa Ridge Trl
Bed 2 | Bath 2

920-926 Stonewall Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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