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Life in Ashford CT - 2/17/2013
The people of Ashford are friendly, helpful and fun. I have relied on my neighbors and they have always gone out of their way to accomadate all that I asked of them and more. The air is clean, the water is pure and I can't imagine a better place to reside. Real country living with major highway access, there's no better place to Read More

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Warning: Don't Live Here - 10/27/2010
I've lived here for 7 years, because of the housing crisis, I can't get out yet. In all that time, I've never met a friendly "neighbor" and have had one clown call my house and threaten to kill my dog. This is after I reported him for threatening to kill my wife and mother. I called the police, and they said he was "not serious" I asked how he got my number, and the police gave it to him, along with my home address, after I reported him. I travel often and was in the military reserves. I had to retire to be at home more often because the guy is still living here, with his car registered in FL instead of CT. But the police let him get away with it....he's not the only crazy neighbor, just one of the many. BTW, the septic tanks all leak into the "lake" that they all swim in...maybe that explains some of this... I would not recommend this Read More

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