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commuting nightmare - 3/21/2011
despite the many amenities in Washington, DC, the traffic is Read More

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Lived here for a few years - 12/16/2010
DC's a beautiful city. The climate has it's highs and lows... literally. DC can have wonderful long springs, typically hot/humid summers (from late June thru September), pleasant falls, and a mild winter. The winter's will usually have there very cold moments but by mid march things are pretty nice. The district has amazing resources, many of which are free, and are available to those who are willing to seek them out (museums, shows, arts, etc). Bicycling in the city and region is extremely underrated. The city itself continues to add many bike lanes and there are several very long paved trails that are reasonably easy to access (e.g. Capital Crescent, Mt Vernon Trail, Custis, and to a degree the Anacostia Trail System). Generally the traffic is responsive to pedestrians and bicyclists unless you choose a moronic route such as riding down Mass Ave during rush hour. The large parks (e.g. Rock Creek, Glover Archbold)in the NW part of town offer quite the respite with many many Read More

What? - 11/19/2010
What? Read More

Nations Capital - 8/12/2010
I currently live in Washington DC. If you're the type of person who needs to conquer and Type A than this is the city for you. If you're the type of person who isn't so much type A than this isn't the city for Read More

Washington DC in the summer - 7/11/2010
Ungodly humidity and high temperatures. I feel bad for the tourists, particularly children, who come to DC looking for history and culture, only to find they can barely get about due to the sweltering summer Read More

COL - 7/8/2010
Moving Read More

Cost of Living - 6/2/2010
DC is very expensive. You get less "bang for your buck" with your cash. Houses are smaller, parking is always an issue. Fruits and vegetables are expensive and low in Read More

Washington,D.C. is not located in a state!! - 5/21/2010
Washington, D.C. is not located in a county nor state. It is a district as founded by our government. That is one of the reasons the residents do not have voting rights at this Read More

cost of living in dc - 4/15/2010
very high - living in a rental apartment close to state department, kennedy cetner, world bank - $1850 per month for 6000 sq feet. food and all services are very high as there is little competition in my immediate Read More

Washington has a unique quality of life - 1/1/2010
I've lived in Washington for many years and have loved it for the variety of its cultures; its beauty; the fact that there are parts of the city that that will never change; the fact that there's so much to do here that's free; and the fact that the area attracts a variety of people of diverse origins, interests, and outlooks. The climate is cold in winter and hot in summer, but not as much as some areas (we're known for our summer humidity and it's the truth, unfortunately); traffic is pretty awful (we're ranked in the top-five for gridlock); and the cost of living is fairly high. On the other hand, the recession hasn't decimated us as it has some other areas, and the employment picture isn't as grim.

No matter what your persuasion you can find like-minded souls here; and, hopefully, happiness (inasmuch as any place can convey that Read More

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