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Expensive - 2/28/2016
Housing is too Read More

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A place for the better educated in Florida. - 12/7/2008
I have lived in Florida, specifically, in Miami-Dade for about 18 years. Having found a glass ceiling up north due to my handicapping name (Guillermo, it could have been Fernando, Carlos, or any other Spanish name), and getting tired of the cold winters, I moved to South Florida to search for a better life. Here in Miami I found many advantages to being Hispanic. Being totally fluent in English and Spanish helped my rise to the upper middle class here in Miami. Yet, this fluency had been a hindrance up in Massachusetts and in Ohio.

Of course, the Latin influence in Dade county has advantages (to a Latin person, at least) and some disadvantages. Whenever there is a big conglomerate of immigrants, there will be many who are uneducated. Since they are uneducated and come from third world countries, they bring many third world habits. These habits include, but are not limited to, discriminating against others, such as blacks, Jews, or other ethnic groups; trashing the Read More

People Like Working Where They Like Living. - 8/15/2008
As Coral Gables City Founder George Merrick formulated the initial elements of his dream city in the 1920's , he identified spacious park and open space locations, selected the public landscaping, established the zoning and regulatory codes, approved all public and private buildings planned, and created the social organizations necessary for a city of lasting importance. Merrick wanted his city to be not only attractive to the eye but also to the intellect, so he convinced university planners to locate the main campus of the University of Miami in Coral Gables. In 1926, Merrick wrote “the university will have far reaching influence on our whole nation and even upon the Latin countries with whom our business and intellectual destinies by wise Providence are plainly linked.”

Merrick knew the university and his City were destined to serve as International Gateways by virtue of geography and strategy, and he fostered that concept through architecture (although 14 were Read More

A Cultural Briefing on Coral Gables, FL. - 8/15/2008
The City Beautiful began as a place of art, architecture and culture carved out of the lush tropics. Less than a century later, Coral Gables has matured into a cultural center that would astound even its visionary founder.

With its museums, galleries, theaters, gardens, historical sites and other attractions, the Coral Gables cultural landscape is unequaled by any city of its size in the world. Residents can choose from thousands of live and visual arts performances – Music, Dance, Theater and more. They can attend one-of-a-kind festivals and visit renowned cultural institutions.

When George Merrick founded Coral Gables, he did so with artistic flare. In the 1920s, the Miami Grand Opera performed in a drained Venetian Pool and Paul Whiteman's band entertained poolside dancers under the stars from the half-drained pool – which is an artistic and architectural marvel in its own right.

Today’s Coral Gables offers an unparalleled array of performing Read More

What Makes Coral Gables, FL Great! - 8/15/2008
The City of Coral Gables, known for top-rated municipal services, fine residential areas, historic landmarks, and high quality of life, has also emerged as the Corporate Capital of the Americas, with more than 175 multinational corporations positioning Coral Gables as their Latin American headquarters.

• Comments Regarding Local Government: Coral Gables provides excellent municipal services, having achieved the highest national standards in almost every field. Less than five percent of the land area contributes 46 percent of the tax base. Coral Gables also boasts an accredited police department, a distinction shared by only 3 percent of local and state police departments in the United States, and is one of only three cities to have both a Class 1 and an accredited Fire Department. In addition, Coral Gables has been named a Tree City USA for 24 consecutive years by the National Arbor Foundation. It was also the first municipality ever to receive the National Emergency Read More

Ritzy Paradise - 6/18/2006
I have lived in the Gables for about two years now. I was initially impressed with the neatly manicured lawns, the Mediterranean-styled houses, the number of palm trees, and the neatly-named streets. However, I have grown tired of the homogenous (and sometimes ignorant) latin community that lives here, the lack of reliable, public transportation, and the EXTREME heat during the Summer. When I first arrived, I was certain that you automatically get a Mercedes just for living here. I have lived in large cities before, but never have I seen such a number of BMWs, Mercedes Benz, and other high-priced cars. You can send your kids to one of the best PRIVATE schools, but you end up paying through the nose! The cost of living here is very high, but if you can afford it you can be very, very Read More

Highest Quality of Life in Coral Gables. - 2/26/2006
I love Coral Gables. In my personal opinion is one of the highest ranking cities in regards to quality of life. The Historic City of Coral Gables has not only a beautiful mix in architecture, that ranges from old hispanic to ultramodern. Many of its roads are deliniated with beautiful trees and landscaping. Downtown Coral Gables is full of energy. The diversity in businesses, gourmet restaurants and art galleries are some of the qualities that make this a Great City. In regards to Education it has great schools in all levels. The most well-known being the University of Miami. I am proud to be a member of this Read More

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3811 Alhambra Cir
Bed 3 | Bath 3.0 |

3900 Harlano St
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

1545 Certosa Ave
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4805 Riviera Dr
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335 Romano Ave
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1519 Certosa Ave
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