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Can’t win ‘em all! - 9/6/2020
I live in Vermont where winters are very long. I thought it could be nice to find a rural area in FL to get away to a couple times a year. I bought the property sight-unseen based on internet research. After traveling to Keystone Heights this weekend, I feel a little disappointed because it is obvious they don’t take pride in the city. The closing took place where 100 meets 21. What a sketchy area at best. All driveways to businesses are designed where my low profile Accord Sport was bottoming out on pull in and pull out. I didn’t appreciate that. All the gas stations in that area were closed down. It was very dumpy. Not a great first impression at all. The property I bought is lovely. Thank goodness I won’t have much business to do in the actual city of keystone heights. It would be nice if the powers that be would give it a complete facelift. I would love to feel proud of it. Property was great bang for the buck. I guess we get what we pay for. Can’t win ‘em Read More

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col - 8/27/2011
good Read More

My thoughts - 10/8/2009
I have lived in Keystone Heights since 1997. I live on 10 very quiet and private acres. I love that and I happy with my home. However, if I could go back to 1997 I would not buy here again. The people in town that run the stores are not friendly and we do not have any restaurants to speak of. Even the library is an unfriendly place, my nieces (both of whom are avid readers, refused to go so often that I haven't been in nearly 6 years). The other issue is that there are a lot of trashy (for lack of a better word) people, that do not keep up their homes, or they paint them garish colors and have several broken down vehicles in their yards. Honestly the only good thing that I can say about Keystone Heights, is that its quiet for the most Read More

I love my town. - 7/20/2007
I moved to Keystone Heights from Jacksonville in 1997 and I would never go back. Keystone Heights is a beautiful very rural small town. I live in the middle of my 10 wooded acres and love it. While not everyone is friendly, the crime is pretty rare and when it does happen, it is usually petty little things. We are located in the middle of several state parks and have alot of wildlife. It is a pleasant place to live. (To be honest though, it is so hot and dry; we are on the Florida Ridge, I would love to be able to move to Read More

Advice on choice of investment made, and possible - 5/24/2007
I bought 3 lots of one (1) acre each 15 years ago, since then I have given two lots to my son and daughter, I still have mine. Recently I was offered $40,000 dollars for my lot. So I decide to build a house on my lot instead.

I have lived in Orlando Florida for the last 14 years and although entirely content with all the feature of Orlando and its offerings, I thought building in Keystone Heights as a good investment since Gainesville is in your list of the ten (10) best places to live, and I could realize a better return from a home built there than keeping a few dollars in the bank.

I am building a $250,000 home with 5 bedroomss, 4 baths, on my 1.06 acre (corner lot), 300 yards from a nice sized lake. Would appreciate any commentsr5eference my choice of location to invest or live. Thanks  Read More

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4686 SE 6th Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

315 SE Grove St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

7604 Casa Grande Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 4

6730 Dunn Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

4941 Panther Trl
Bed 4 | Bath 2

6494 Bernice Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 3

4946 Panther Trl
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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