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It may look nice, but think twice! - 2/26/2008
I originally moved to Pensacola to attend the University of West Florida. Upon graduating I couldn't find a job that would offer more than $9-$11/ hour without being obligated by signing a contract.The city itself offers nothing unless you are looking to retire and aren't looking for a career that offers stability and the possibility of you not having to work two jobs for the rest of your life. There is nothing fun for children to do and the only thing teenagers have to do is walk around the mall. Most of the university's professors are grad students and for those who aren't they are only there because they're tenured and are waiting to retire. In most of the college departments the classes are a breeze and the most you have to do to pass a class is show up and copy and turn something in. It may sound good to some, but not if you want to learn and are planning to become successful in whatever field of study. Competence is a major issue that affects the entire city and every entity Read More

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Pensacola is a dying town - 2/17/2008
I have lived here for forty years, and I used to promote and brag about this city every chance I got. But, within the past ten years, manufacturing and industry has withered away, public education has become embarrasingly pathetic, and the only thing our community leaders care about is the freakin' beach and drawing in more tourists. Well, mother nature hired Hurricane Ivan to put a hit on us, and it did. The beach just isn't what it used to's especially smaller. The only new jobs coming here are drug stores, call centers, dollar stores, nail salons, and check-cashing stores. This is not a good place to raise children, but if you are looking for a cheap place to retire and your nest is empty, then you will probably love it here...lots of bingo parlors. This city has tremendous potential, especially the downtown area. There is a natural-deep water port that is being shunned by corporations because of our city leaders. This city has a lot of history that goes unpromoted Read More

recreation - 9/28/2007
sits on the gulf of mexico. magnificent beaches. great Read More

Pensacola Florida Climate - 8/7/2007
Most everyone believes that all of Florida is hot and humid all year long. Surprise ~*~ Northwest Florida along the panhandle actually has 4 seasons. The months of June, July and August are the most humid. As September rolls around, the humidy begins to dimish into a gorgeous fall atmosphere. The Gulf of Mexico is warm enough to swim in through the early part of November. Early morning walks reveal gorgeous sunrises, pools of water with sea shells to sort through as the Herons watch curiously.

December actually brings cool weather. Some nights can get as low as 20 degrees, the day temperature hovers an average of 40 or higher. On clear, crisp evenings the stars sparkle like diamonds. With little light pollution, especially on the west side of Pensacola, one feels as though a star or a planet can be plucked from the sky.

As March turns the calendar, the feeling of spring abounds. With little humidity day or night, long walks on white sandy beaches give a Read More

Best beaches! - 7/20/2007
If you are interested in the most beautiful beaches around, this is definitely the place to Read More

Think Twice before Moving Here, Prepare to be BORE - 5/21/2007
Besides the beach and gulf, there is nothing much else here to do. There is no culture and diversity and living here for 10 years, I am ready to Read More
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The University of West Florida and Pensacola Junior College Continue to expand degree/major offerings and are experiencing significant increases in enrollment. The grade schools have done quite well regarding the Florida Comprehensive tests. This is definitly a town where you are not compelled to send your kids to private school...many of the public schools are very Read More

Pensacola has a nice change of seasons with a Winter that is not harsh...there is actually a change in the color of the leaves....yet again....the temperatures seldom get into the twenties. Great Read More

Pensacola has it all except for the extreme hustle and bustle of a large metropolitan city. Pensacoleans just voted to approve "Maritime Park" for constuction downtown on our beautiful Pensacola Bay. The park will include a multi-use baseball stadium/complex, a national maritime museum, University of West Florida class facilities, conference space, tremendous waterfront access by all, an adjacent marina and restaurants with many other amenities. Pensacola has mild weather but with a nice change of seasons (leaf change and all) that is not harsh but much more interesting than South Florida. The University of West Florida and Pensacola Junior College continue to expand...their majors, degree programs and enrollment. We have superb fishing, very good hunting and great canoeing. We have a nice zoo and several nice nature walk trails. We are remodeling our beautiful Saenger theatre and have the Pensacola Little theatre for all kinds of national and local entertainment. Pensacola's Read More

Florida Living - 1/16/2007
Most affordable in the the state for beach Read More

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