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snooziesuzie - 2/25/2006
currently live in Port Charlotte, FL. originally moved here in 1998 from CT because of the climate & supposed 'small town' atmosphere. it's far from that, all the millionaires are retiring here & driving up property values & cost of living, including taxes. we want to move to a temperate climate with a true small town feel, friendly people, arts & culture, and availability to the Read More

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Thumbs down on Port Charlotte, Florida - 11/27/2005
Port Charlotte and the surounding areas (within a 100-mile radius at least) is loaded with more scumbags, losers, bottom feeders, drug addicts, low-class and lesser-educated people than most places I've seen in the country. People here dress poorly and take poor care of themselves. They are overweight, chainsmoking, tatooed, low-self esteem slobs and idiots (Flori-diots) with double chins and cellulite hanging from their legs and fat butts. The crime rate is bad as well. Look it up on the internet and you will discover the city is chock-full of pedophiles and criminals.

Many, but not all, of the homebuilders are building cracker-box houses now selling at outrageous prices ($300K and up). If you want to spend all your money living in this bug-infested oven, come on down!

And then you will discover that these same, lesser-educated, disorganized idiots are employers and city officials who are selfishly and stupidly running the state and local economy 6 feet Read More

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