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Boring and Poor is a terrible combination - 3/23/2018
I have been living in Sebring for 4 months while taking care of an elderly relative. The main attraction here is that real estate is low cost for Florida and makes sense to people from the Midwest. The locals are extremely poor and being a waiter or a school teacher is about the highest you could shoot for on the socioeconomic latter. The healthcare is crap and so level the of customer service. People here are pretty slow when it comes to common sense. Imagine a place where a waiter is not smart enough to bring your catsup with your french fries, straws with your coke, butter with your bread, or syrup with your pancakes. I have never witnessed such repeated stupidity in my life. It is also a terrible town for singles as there is very little to do if you aren't into golf or fishing. It seems as the mean age here is close to 84 years old. The town is also a nightmare to get to any airport. A taxi will cost you more than the flight itself. If you are consider retiring here I Read More
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Sebring Sucks - 1/16/2017
Poor Read More

Great small town living with many recreational, cu - 9/21/2016
We had recently retired and spent winter 2014 here in our RV, our previous winter was in Phoenix area. As full time RVers we did not have a home up north. Before leaving in the spring to go back to Iowa we bought a mobile home in a 55+ park here in Sebring; we became Florida residents. We were amazed with all the restaurants and retail businesses for such a small town; especially enjoy the Circle area downtown which is slowly being renovated. We have taken advantage of cultural opportunities, great programs at the Florida State College, art galleries, little theatre, etc. Avon Park and Lake Placid are quaint little towns and along with Sebring, have frequent festivals, musical events, along with museums. Highland Hammock state park is a great place to visit and their tram tour is a must for viewing wildlife. They also have a music in the park series. There are art classes in all three communities, and many adult enrichment classes at Florida college.
We enjoy the small town Read More

Living poor in a rich town or rich in a poor town? - 1/29/2016
In 1992 I found the most beautiful 20 acres in the US...I was blessed with a spring well of pure water....My horses were born on the land..I just had no idea how difficult it would be for someone like myself from South Florida to fit in as I tried to be a part of a low income community...I built my beautiful home and as a writer, I set out to live a dream..Unfortunately,there is a mindset that goes along with a low income area..The plumber flooded our newly built home and we lost all recordings, pictures, a lifetime of work..Then a girl spit in my face followed by a traffic ticket turned into a cop who would lie in front of the Judge..Thank God I won that one...At least the middle school and Sebring High School had on their team, a fabulous group of well educated teachers that taught our child the best education resulting in being a Salutatorian..So late 90's ..early 2000, he got an amazing education..but as the smarter students the teachers transferred, still great Read More

Sebring is a great place to live - 12/16/2015
I lived 50 years in Indiana.
I moved to Florida 12 years ago.
I moved to Sebring 2 years ago.
I liked them all but, Sebring is my favorite.Read More

Great Weather - 10/12/2010
Here in Sebring there's no snow to Read More

Far better than many parts of this country. - 1/23/2010
After several visits to South Central FL, Sebring was any easy choice in 2009 for our comfort zone. Property costs were not prohibitive. Daily living expenses are a bargain compared to the Midwest. No question the summer weather is somewhat uncomfortable, but for the most part the balance of the year is ideal. Imagine spending $500 - $1000 a month in the Midwest to keep your home at 68 degrees through the winter months that seem to drag on forever. Most would like to see a revival of Sebring's downtown circle. But, things are what they are. It's still a pleasant area for a walk-around in the afternoon. Golf course management still seems to believe premium prices are suitable and force a segment of their market to seek other forms of recreation and exercise, but the weather allows us to enjoy those other activities. Even if it's not paradise, it's sure got a leg up on the Read More

A safe place to retire AND raise a family - 11/18/2008
Sebring and Highlands County in general is a wonderful place to raise a family. While we are just far enough away to be still close enough from the buzz and noise of the Orlando attractions, Sebring with its small town charm has everything you would expect from a bigger city: shopping, dining, entertainment, medical facilities, recreational facilities. It's only a 2 hour drive to each coast; the Everglades and Key make for a great weekend trip. The area provides for plenty of opportunity to learn about Florida's wildlife and get in touch with Mother Read More

What to do? - 10/28/2008
For the retired, Sebring is a wonderful community. Boating, fishing and golfing opportunities are abundant. Better shopping requires a 90 minute drive to the coasts or north to Tampa or Orlando; two Wal-Marts, one KMart and a few department stores are the only local options. Entertainment is limited to two movie houses, a community theater and occasional concerts at the junior college. There are no gourmet restaurants; "dining out" equals sit-down chain restaurants (Olive Garden, Outback, Chilis, Red Lobster) or one of several mom-and-pop diners. There is little or no night life other than bars. In summary, if you're single or looking for cultural activities ... keep looking. If you're ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city for rural quiet, Sebring is the place to be ... kind of like "Green Read More

Paradise Year Around...Almost - 12/19/2007
Paradise Year Around...Almost

Sebring, Florida is located in the heartland of the state. I leave for work every morning thankful that I live in paradise. The weather naturally fluctuates some, and we could always use more rain in the winter months, but the air quality, the air temperature and the blue skies are like paradise.

The only thing that would make the climate absolutely perfect year around would be the addition of ocean breezes. Since global warming won’t turn Sebring into ocean-front property in my lifetime, I think Central Florida has an ideal climate.

Don’t wait until you’re retired to enjoy living and working in a place that feels so close to paradise.Read More

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1920 Sentinel Point Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2641 Imperial Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4102 Duffer Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 2

109 Citroen Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 2

4020 Ramiro St
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3703 Castile Ave
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3807 Duffer Rd
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