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Not a bad place to live - 7/23/2017
I lived in Bartow, right down the road from WH for many years. This is not a metropolitan area. It is middle class, bedroom community. It will take you less than an hour to get to either Orlando or Tampa. There are many restaurants to pick from. Publix is the grocery store of choice. WalMart is better than any grocery except Publix.
The downsides are homeowners insurance is HIGH. Hurricane season lasts for about 6 months. As a west coast raised person, it put me on edge the entire season.
Utilities.... you must have central air. I had a 1500 sq ft 3/2 and during the peak summer season, my electric ran $350/mo in 2005. This was a new house with good insulation (R40/20). I did not have a pool which would be nice.
Car insurance is more expensive than Wa state where I am now. However, housing is cheaper.
As usual, it's a trade off. Living there does give you the advantage of getting annual passes to many theme parks. It's a cost savings and you needn't go for Read More

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Borning - 7/14/2014
Nothing to do Read More

Economy - 4/22/2011
I find Best Places most Read More

We are planning to move to Hawaii. - 2/18/2011
May GOD bless you all! My name is Vickie I live in Winter Haven,Florida. My fiance soon is going to retired and we are thinking to move to Hawaii. We are a Christian couple that wants a quiet area and a Church that we can go. I hope and pray that some could read this message and can let us know Where is a good place to live? And the cost of living over there. What area of cost of living is realiable? I would appreciate if anyone could give us more details about Hawaii. May GOD bless all! Please email me BORIVICKIE@YAHOO.COM
With Love, Vickie & Read More

live and retire in Winter Haven FL - 7/11/2010
We have lived in Winter Haven FL for 8 years and find it an extremely livable, safe, wholesome and great choice for our retirement lifestyle. Located between Orlando and Tampa off I-4 and about 40 minutes from Orlando International Airport with lots of reasonable flights to everywhere. Cruise ports of Tampa and Port Canaveral are 1.5 miles away. The city is on a chain of lakes, has an excellent park system and new public library. The downtown has been restored and is a beautiful place to spend time.Theatre Winter Haven is one of the top community theatres in the country with outstanding season ticket prices. The city has lots of restaurnats that are excellent and you can afford to eat in them. Local government is response to citizen needs. The city will become home to Legoland Florida in 2011 which will create 1000 new full and part-time jobs for local people. Polk State college is located here and has offerings for the public. Healthcare is outstanding with a 500 bed not for Read More

seasons - 9/7/2007
I grew up in NY state. There's a big difference between NY seasons and FL seasons. In Winter Haven there are two primary seasons: wet and dry. The wet/rainy season parallels hurricane season: June through November. Summers are hot, highs into the 90's most days, with afternoon thunderstorms as a general rule. The week I am writing this (1st week of September, 2007) we are predicted to have 6 days without rain. (Oops. It just started to rain!) Before that it has rained every day for several weeks, but the storms are short, and the water drains away quickly.

Winters are the dry season. Sometimes we can smell the smoke from wild fires in outlying rural areas. Tourists come to Florida for the winters. This is when I put the top down on my convertible, spend long hours in the garden, leave doors and windows open and the AC off. Some nights are even cool enough for a fire in the fireplace.

Wherever one lives, there are tradeoffs. I traded NY's frigid Read More

45 minutes from two of the worlds most toured citi - 3/27/2007
This town is awesome! I have lived in several parts of the state but this town is by far the best over all. Winter Haven has its own theme park called Cypress Garden's which brings some of the larger name star's for a bargain 15 dollar seats on the 3rd row from a Elton John concert.....try that out on ticketmaster...the park offers everything from boat tours of the local lakes and gardens to thrill I am not a spokesman for the town or the mayor. One problem is the amount of sidewalks are seriously lacking. The public parks and transportation are ok. The town itself is running feeds off larger towns like Orlando and Tampa travelors. I am not suprised people haven't said much about Winter Haven yet since the coast is what people think of when they think Florida. They will change they're minds when they visit....this town is something special. Thanks for reading look forward to having you Read More

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33880 33881

145 Lake Smart Cir
Bed 3 | Bath 2

164 Lake Smart Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 2

540 Lake Smart Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2887 Kiwi Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

537 Vittorio Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1018 Corso Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1023 Corso Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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