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This county sucks. It is so small that you get ripped off by all of the utility company's. They overcharge the customers and do not provide alternative options for products or services. From the Newton County water to electric, you can only utilize one company and if that company sucks which they both do, you don't have any other options or alternatives available to you. Just to continue to pay into a company that refuses to give services that work with you. You would be better off to stay in a more rural area where they provide more options for you and competitive business practices.. You will get sucked into doing exactly what they tell you because you absolutely have NO OTHER CHOICE. The utility company’s know it, and they tell you that. Read More

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Parasite infested communities! They all got forecl - 4/12/2012
It might have continued to be a nice place to live if it were not for all those criminals and government money parasites within this city. We are forced to live here now against our will. We can't even sell our beautiful home now due to the people getting homes without producing money up front. They all lost there homes and we lost our homes value in the process. Way to go government reward the crooks and punish the honest hard working individuals. You can't hand lazy people anything without it coming back to bite you in the end. Covington is definitely not filled with honest hard workers Read More

poor - 9/7/2010
don't know why people would still want to live here it is too much like dekalb but with out the convience of being closer to atlanta. the schools are terrable the houses are cheeply built and thrown up next to each other there is little to yard for the kids to play and no peace with the loud music and motor cycles. you cant buy or sell any homes in the area and dont dare attempt to rent yours out you will get scamed robbed or they will destroy your property. if it sits vacant it to will be destroyed by the local thugs that have nothing better to do but tear up other peoples stuff and sell drugs. Read More

HOT HOT HOT HUMID - 8/26/2010
This year has been the worst in my 30+ years of living in Covington. The air is so thick with humidity you can't go outside after the very early morning. You feel the moisture press into your face like a thick blanket. Winters are way too cold for the South and Summers are like a jungle rain Read More

Ratio of teacher to student - 8/26/2010
I worked in the Newton County School system for years and NEVER saw a ratio of 15 students per teacher. It was more like 25-30 per teacher. Horrible horrible Read More

Horrible Place to Live! - 8/26/2010
I moved here 30+ years ago and built a home in a very rural area. It WAS wonderful. The past 10 years have seen expansion of neighboring counties and the ubiquitous, methodical destruction of my surrounding area. Where it was quiet and peaceful, it is now filled with the noise pollution of ear splitting thumping sounds as cars go down the road. I was a teacher for Newton County Schools and watched the overcrowding of schools destroy the spirit of teachers who instead of teaching now needed a degree in Criminal Justice just to get through the day. Our road has seen the dumping of several bodies throughout the years, one neighbor was robbed 3 times. We have been robbed several. My grandson who was 9 minutes away now is a 1 hr drive away for his safety. Stay Away for Goodness sake!  Read More

Covington School System - 5/30/2009
As a former teacher in the system, I can tell you that teacher quality in this system is truly hit or miss. The administrators are power-hungry being pitted against one another by the Board of Education for everything from scores down to donations to the United Way procured by each. This results in an atmosphere of dislike from one school to another.

The EBIS system, which is in place to help students who are below level and/or struggling, is currently a total failure. Now employed in a nearby county where this system works much more effectively, I can see in retrospect that we were simply not doing this correctly in Newton County (Covington).

The ratio of teacher to student is increasing, and it was high when I was employed there a year ago. There are no parapros to assist teachers other than Kindergarten, Pre-K, or special education/ESOL classes. Copies are at a minimum with each copy being a struggle to get made. Students suffer in this process because Read More

rotten place to live now - 11/12/2008
I moved to Covington 10 years ago, it was a great place to live, then, Oprah endorsed it, now it is like all other towns outside of Atlanta, boom boxes going off at all hours of the night, drugs, higher crime, a crack city, not a WASP statement...just facts, I moved to north Georgia, higher population in the area then Covington, SperlingViews says 1 is the crime, cost of living is less, and the commute to downtown Atlanta is the same. I remember the bypass road, a 4 way stop there used to be about a 5 minute wait on most days, now, you can spend an hour, and the county has done nothing to accommodate the problems, should put a light in. I moved, and encouraged all my kids to move, 1 already has, two to go. Let the crack lords have Read More

Covington, GA - Crime, Traffic, Over-rapid Growth, - 7/30/2007
WE have lived in the Covington, GA area for 20 years. When we moved out here, Covington (45 miles east of Atlanta) was an "undiscovered" city, too far from Atlanta to generally be considered a driving-to-work town. Schools were okay, there were plenty of good roads for limited traffic, and not much was going on in the way of growth. We commuted to Atlanta for several years, before we both retired, and no longer have to face jobs or commutes. You would think we'd be quite happy to be retirees in such a low-profile, forgotten community? Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

Fast forwarding 20 years to 2007 brings us to a city that that MEtro Atlanta has discovered, and is moving out to in droves. The "concentric rings" theory applies here, in spades. Growth jumps out from a large metro area in circles and rings, often leaping over currently established zones to areas farther beyond, due to cheaper land and home values, less crowded schools, less crime, more "home town" government, Read More

Crime - 7/5/2007
Covington has one of the highest sex offender populations in the Read More

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595 Freeman Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

90 Shadowbrook Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

140 Charleston Pl
Bed 3 | Bath 2

45 Glynnshire Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 2

65 Heritage Keep
Bed 5 | Bath 3

381 Highway 212
Bed 3 | Bath 2

30 McGiboney Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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