Lithonia, Georgia 

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Lithonia, Georgia Reviews

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Lithonia, a vibrant community - 7/13/2015
Excellent community to live,work, Read More

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The crime people do not see/notice - 6/14/2015
Lithonia is a good city. BUT what people havent noticed is the gangs that are in this city. The bloods and crips and Gangster disciples. I go to school here and I realised how these gangs "hit licks"/ break into people's home and take things. These are just young people and these gangs are ran by older people called OG's.
If yiu have probably got robbed then most likely they were kids in a gang trying to earn stripes. I am sure u have heard gun shots around your area or heard about some breakins. well don't get me wrong its them. I am not sure if these gangs are real because anyone can say they are in a gang and they jump someone in and they think they are in that gang. So im not sure if the gangs are, lets say legit. Parents need to step up and get involved eith the police. Thats the only way this can stop. Now like I said it is a veeery nice city. Just don't let some out of control kids make it bad. I hope people read and understand this and it is real i am not making it up. Read More

My View - 12/3/2007
An up and coming neighborhood, Read More

HIGH CRIME - 8/5/2007
Police helicopters, trash thrown in the streets, drug houses, gun shots... so on and so forth. The crime rate stats are absoulutely correct. Lithonia has a very high crime rate. Read More

Forever Changing - 1/2/2007
I live in a small town that is forever changing. I wish it was still the small quiet town I knew as a little Read More

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