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Response to quality of Idaho schools and Arizona s - 1/9/2015
We have lived in Arizona (near Phoenix) for 20 years. We are in the process of moving to the Nampa/Caldwell area. Trust me you DO NOT want to come to Arizona for an education. The state cares more about low taxes than higher education and, while jobs may be available, the are mostly low paying. Do yourself a favor stay in Idaho and work harder on your Read More

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Overall Costs here are better than many places - 5/29/2013
Sales tax is one area that it hard to get used to, taxes here are probably average but I was not used to paying sales tax. After I checked it out against other states not bad overall. Income tax is below average and they do not tax Social Security. Amenities are good for the money, roads are maintained, parks are everywhere and very nice. Walking trails and natural areas very accessible. Jobs pay fair and there is variety of employment. At 65 I found work in few months. Yes you do have to have good work ethic to make it. Not a charity state. Food is abundant and because of the nice rural mix natural healthy food is easily available. It takes me 10 minutes to get from south Nampa to freeway and 15 minutes to get to airport or downtown Boise. Not bad for commute. Read More

What Economy? - 2/27/2010
Im sure the economy is bad everywhere, but in Nampa, i believe i read the unemployment rate is near Read More

Housing - 6/26/2008
Housing is getting pretty expensive here. I live outside of town on 3 1/2 acres, but I wouldn't want to live in town in Nampa because it's too far from the freeway and all the other places I go. It takes awhile to get to the freeway and get to work in Boise. There isn't really good employment for me in Nampa.Read More

Come with your eyes open - 2/24/2006
It is true that housing prices are lower than other areas, but they are rising quickly. Property taxes are also climbing. Groceries and utilitites cost much less than other areas. Traffic is bad as the interstates and other roads were not built to handle the increase in population. Nampa is expected to triple in size from current 70,000 (approximately) by 2010. All infrastuctures are behind because of the population increase. Weather is great. Many more sunny days than cloudy. It is considered the "banana belt" of Idaho. Winters are mild with some snow; 22" or so. Summers can be hot with temps over 100 degrees, but the low humidity helps. Outdoor sports are there for the asking. Great hunting, fishing, skiing, golf, etc. Cultural activities are somewhat limited, but Boise offers a good set of choices. Good spread of churches with the LDS, Nazarenes and Roman Catholics being the dominant groups. If you are a Democrate be aware that Idaho is a Bush Read More

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83686 83651 83687

11907 Plantation Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 4

9850 Red Fox Dr
Bed 6 | Bath 3

116 18th Ave S
Bed 4 | Bath 4

10055 Duck Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 4

12358 S Carriage Hill Way
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1919 S State St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4531 E Burgundy Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 3


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