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Reviews for Elgin  based on 9 Reviews

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A nice small city with lots to offer - 3/24/2015
When I first moved to Elgin 2 years ago I did not like it. I lived in a mobile home park near the river and highway 90 in a senior community that over prices it's lot rent wanting $750 to $1000 per month. I felt like I was really isolated in that area no shopping and few eateries nearby. I purchased a condo further west. I love the Century Oaks Area off of Big Timber Rd. A good mix of single family, town houses and a few condo's close to Sherman Hospital. Shopping is just nearby and also down Randall Rd. I have discovered the symphony and The Center what a great family rec center. I enjoy swimming and taking walks near the river downtown. I feel safe here and especially in my Century Oaks area even late at night. I discovered the artists lofts and workshops a few weeks back and attended a writers weekend for free. I look forward to attending more workshops and fairs. People have been friendly and I have great neighbors. I work full time but I look forward to getting more active in the Read More

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Lived in Elgin, IL since 1994 - 9/5/2013
Hi, as a way of updating the post for Elgin and providing a rebuttal for some of the negative reviews, I've decided to post on this board. I've lived in Elgin since 1994. Here is what the city of Elgin can offer: there are many differnt types of housing from simple, cheaper apartments to nicer upscale neighborhoods. The Randall Rd corridor is the newer area with very nice homes (Thornwood, Highland Woods etc). There are even more new homes just west of Randall now. The downtown area has the older homes and many of them are beautiful old Victorians that people are revitalizing. Randall Rd has all the big box/chain restaurants and downtown has more sole proprietorship and ethnic ones. We have a Ribfest at Festival Park, a casino, a community college, a 4 year college (Judsen), beautiful new hospital (Sherman), a very active library (Gail Borden), a community center (The Centre), a couple theaters (Hemmens for one), golf courses, golf course communities, a Zombie themed block party Read More

My Town... Elgin [: - 3/11/2010
I have lived in Elgin my whole life and it is very sad to read these comments about my town.... I'm a senior at South Elgin High School and I will be graduating this may. I believe there is bad people everywere as well as good, it depends who you associate with that changes who you are. Read More

Elgin is not a good place to settle into - 10/6/2009
Elgin is not a really good place to live the cost is too much, and it is very hard to come by a job. The city gives out tickets like its candy or something....Elgin Read More

Not here long enough to have much of an opinion, b - 10/29/2008
This is a pretty friendly place. I'm a 35 y/o single woman, and agnostic, so the fact that most people here are married and religious is a bit... well... it's just not me, and a wee discouraging. Very religious place. From where I live (downtown) I could throw a rock at about 6 churches. Christian, Catholic, Episcopal... I respect this, but... it's just not me.
There's a lot of money being thrown into revitalizing downtown (grants from the casino?) which means new streets and sidewalks - very nice - but there are too many empty storefronts. WAY too many. Most of them. I hear that many of the local landlords are loaded and don't need the money, so... seems to me that they really should offer these spaces with a reasonable square foot rate so that we can actually HAVE A CHANCE at having a thriving downtown. The places that are here are terrific, though. Great bookstore - 'Elgin Books' and good eateries. Nice people. REALLY needs more culture, though, and jobs...Read More

The school system in Elgin is poor - 10/15/2008
Below average test scores, drug/gang problems, apathetic teachers, and overcrowding are reasons that made us home school our kids. At 6th grade, we ponied up big time for private school. (Westminster Christian)wasn't very good for other reasons (They were more interested in teaching bible than reading, science, and math), now finally, we're moving out of school district Read More

My Town - 8/29/2008
Nice Community! Making a Read More

It Sounds OK, But... - 2/14/2006
I've lived in Elgin a very long time. It's a town that's struggling to be something, but never quite makes it. For 20 years they've boasted of a downtown revitalization. For some reason, it never quite happens. Elgin does have some incredibly beautiful old homes, and architecture. On the other hand, it's plagued by run down, gang infested neighbors and dilapidated houses owned by indifferent slumlords. The school district is notoriously bad, and the high schools have a distinct gang element. Elgin has a very high Hispanic population and the schools seem to cater more to its non-English speaking students than anyone else. I know this from experience. Don't move across the country to relocate Read More

Memphis Tn - 5/11/2005
What about Memphis Read More

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