Mount Vernon, Illinois 

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Reviews for Mount Vernon  based on 4 Reviews

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One of the worst places I've ever lived. - 1/13/2016
The cost of living is good here and there are some nice neighborhoods. There isn't much to do here unless you like to drink in bars or eat fast food. There is only one decent place to eat that is not a chain but it's dreadfully overpriced. Up until about a year ago we didn't even have a bookstore. Now we do and I'm nervous that it will go out of business. This is a truck stop town. The people are not welcoming to newcomers; there are very few transplants. I can't wait to leave. Read More

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Wish I didn't live here!! - 2/8/2012
It's a very boring place with no chance of Read More

Poor Schools, Few Jobs, No Growth - 8/14/2009
The cost of living is reasonable. The high school is in shambles. Visitors call it "the ghetto school". The politicians built a new 15-20 million dollar jail at taxpayer expense without voter approval. The jail sits empty and is a big money loser.

People are friendly. There are few jobs except for restaurt work/minimum wage openings. Stagnant town. No reason to live here unless you are a native of the Read More

Mount Vernon, Illinois - 8/14/2009
The cost of living is reasonable but there are few jobs here other than restaurant work or other minimum wage jobs. The population has been the same since I've been here (40 years).

The high school is literally ancient and in very poor shape. I feel sorry for the students. Visitors call it a ghetto school.

Instead of building a new school they (the polititians) built a new 20 million dollar jail, against the citizen's will, using taxpayer dollars, which sits empty and is losing money.

Unless you are from here or have family keeping you here, this is not the place to be. Southern Illinois has never been much.

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