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Love it - 12/10/2020
I've lived here my whole life . I love Read More

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Property Taxes Will Kill You - 5/26/2019
I was raised in the area and lived here 3/4 of my life.

Rockford has definitely made efforts to bring events into the area so there are things to do and they have added some bike paths and the like. Can't tell you a thing about clubbing since it isn't my thing, but I don't hear anything about it either.

You get really good bang for your buck in the housing department but you'll get creamed for property taxes. 66% of my property taxes goes towards the local school district. Expect 11% property tax rate (it varies per your township, county, and city) - so to figure out your tax rate if you are buying, take that purchase price number, divide it by 3, subtract $6K off that number if it is your primary residence, take that number and multiply by 11%. Property taxes never go down and fools keep voting in politicians that raise all of the taxes. The taxes is what is driving us out of the state. When your property taxes each month is more than the mortgage, you've Read More

Making Progress! - 4/5/2019
Rockford has made great strides in the past 20 years. Downtown used to be a ghost town. Now, there are activities almost every weekend. City government has worked to bring restaurants and hotels to the downtown area. Keep it Read More

shwizity wicked spot - 1/10/2019
I grew up here in good Ol' Rockford IL and i think it's pretty epic. but ya know, haters gonna Read More

SO much to do!!!! - 7/21/2017
The Park district and golf courses are beautiful & so affordable. The downtown is boomin' with hip, fun activities. The Rkfd Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has made Stroll on State a great kick off to the holiday season! The west side has the wake park & the east side has the zipline. The River District is gorgeous. You must not miss Nicholas Conservatory, Anderson Gardens and The Rockford IceHogs, The Chicago Blackhawks affiliate. Read More

Property. taxes - 3/13/2016
We are planning on moving. This city is raping its citizens on property taxes and they are not getting anything for it. There has to be corruption going on if they have to keep raising taxes to cover their tracks. Do your homework on other cities, $ 150,000 house in Rockford property taxes= $ 6,000. Same house cost in a major city like Nashvile or Las Vegas taxes are $,1000 You can't afford to stay in this dead city I recommend all young people to leave. Read More

Moving ASAP - 2/26/2016
I currently live in Rockford IL and need to get out of this hell hole ASAP! I graduated school and majored in broadcasting so now its time for me to leave Rockford and shoot for bigger things. There is absolutely nothing in Rockford, especially for minorities. If you are black, you re either in jail or dead and im not over exaggerating. If you like drama, drugs, violence, and jail, then move here, but if you want bigger and better things in life do not move here!!!! Or get out while you Read More

Crime Stats for City of Rockford for zip code 6110 - 12/17/2015

Lookimg for crime stats in zip code Read More

This is Where I Stay - 5/20/2015
My last day living in Chicago I pondered my move to Rockford while sitting in a traffic logjam downtown at the Circle. Took me 4 hours to get from Chinatown to Wheeling. What first truly impressed me about Rockford was the lack of heavy, bustling traffic. At first it seemed like a strange town with very strange people and ideas...but as I worked here and began to know some people I was beginning to discover that I was able to differentiate between who was locally born and raised and who was a ex-pat from another area of the country. It's understandable why people here have lost all hope for a good life. During the 17 years I have been here I have seen most of Rockford's manufacturing base crumble away or relocate to a more amicable climate for business. There is nothing here to draw quality individuals. There are no "real" jobs to be had. I have observed a huge gap between rich and poor in Rockford. No indication of a thriving middle class whatsoever. The only reasons I stay put are Read More

It makes me sad, such a shame - 4/10/2015
Rockford could be SO much better than this. But high unemployment and low rates of educational attainment hold us back so much. Racial and economic segregation is a bigger problem than anyone want to admit. Propriety tax rates are beyond obscene.
Lifelong Rockfordians are proud of their city and most really try hard to improve life here. For the most part my husband and I like living here, too, but unfortunately we feel like it's time to abandon this sinking city and Read More

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