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Schaumburg, IL General livability - 4/24/2013
Nice middle-class community. Excellent schools. Excellent variety in retail establishments. Very good park district with plentiful activities, classes, and three outdoor pools/water parks and one indoor pool/water park. Low crime rate. Very safe community. Very populous are with about 70,000 residents. Traffic can be a challenge especially at rush hour and on weekends. Cost of living is quite high, but affordable with a family income of $75,000 to $100,000. Climate leaves something to be desired. Long, cold winters and hot humid summers. Proximity to Chicago makes employment and cultural activities easily accessible. Public transportation is not particularly plentiful. A car is a Read More

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I've don't have much to say - 1/15/2013
Schaumburg, Schaumburg, it's Ok, I guess I don't have much to Read More

Cook County Taxes are Skyrocketing - 6/9/2009
At 11% sales tax I believe that Cook County, IL. is the highest in the country. The cost of gasoline is bumped by this as well as the use of smog formulated fuel which is more expensive and lowers the mileage a vehicle gets by 10 to 25%. Property taxes which are a combination of county and state fees are at an all time high. Much higher than any other place in America. State income tax is reasonable compared with some other non-industrial states in the south, but doesn't help the overall buying power of the citizens. By adding up all the tax costs from all sectors, federal, state, county, and local taxes and other fees on auto and zoning; I believe that out of a median income of $60,000 a family is paying over half their income to theese taxes every year. It has been said that the fall of the Roman Empire was caused by the stranulation of it's people from crushing Read More

NW Suburb - Good Quality of Life... - 7/30/2008
I've lived in Schaumburg, a NW suburg of Chicago for many years. It is located about a 20 minute ride NW of O'hare airport. The quality of life is good, but can be pricy.Read More

Love it! - 3/22/2008
I have lived in Schaumburg 17 years and loved every minute of it. The cost of housing in the whole area is above average, but Schaumburg has a lot of newer townhomes and condos, as well as single family homes. Regardless of your price range, there is something in the area.

There is an excellent rail system that will get you to downtown Chicago even if there is a foot of snow (Hasn't happend since 1978). When it does snow, the roads are cleared quickly so you can get around. Schaumburg Road is a beautiful steet in the summertime. Flowers are planted in the median, the telephone and electric lines have been buried and old fashioned street lamps put up. There are several small parks and lakes in the area with walking paths.

I believe Schaumburg was a "planned" community. Most of it is fairly new, well laid out and organized. There has been a lot of growth in the area in the past 17 years, so it there is always activity.

There are several Read More

Cost of Living Comparison - 2/24/2007
I am considering relocating from southern New Hampshire to the Chicago area - the company's location is Schaumburg, Illinois. Question: If one works in schaumburg, were are there reasonably priced single family houses available? I am not interested in a lengthy commute so I don't want to live in southern Wisconsin or down state!

Thanks for your Read More

Schools - 12/27/2006
The schools in my community are very good. I am in the top 15 school in the state of Illinois. I would like to find a school in the Arlington TX area comprable to mine in Read More

Don't want to die in Schaumburg - 12/8/2006
Winter can be Read More

recreation - 5/20/2006
Nice parks and good shopping(Woodfield Mall, Streets of Read More

Crime in Schaumburg - 4/30/2006
Does anyone live in Schaumburg or nearby know about crime Read More

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202 Farmgate Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1460 Fairlane Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 2


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