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Vernon Hills, Illinois is a small suburban town located in Lake County, about 35 miles northwest of Chicago. It has a population of approximately 26,000 residents and is known for its highly-rated public schools, safe neighborhoods, and convenient location near major highways. With its abundance of parks, restaurants, and shopping centers, it's a popular choice for families and young professionals looking for a quiet, yet vibrant community to call home.

According to various user reviews on, many residents have positive things to say about living in Vernon Hills. One reviewer, Sarah, praises the town's strong sense of community, stating "The people here are friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of community events and activities to get involved in." Another resident, Michael, highlights the town's top-rated schools, saying "The education system is fantastic here. My kids have had a great experience in the local schools." Additionally, Angela raves about the town's amenities, stating "There are so many great restaurants and shops here. You don't have to leave town for anything!" Finally, Jim notes the overall safety of the town, stating "I've never felt unsafe living here. The neighborhoods are well-maintained and the police are always visible." Overall, it seems that residents of Vernon Hills have found a great place to call home, with a strong sense of community, excellent schools, and plenty of amenities to enjoy.

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housing - 1/5/2012
house price a little bit Read More

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Great Public Schools - 8/23/2007
The Vernon Hills public school is top notch, consistently rated among the highest in the U.S. Schools are new, low pupil to teacher ratio, with many after school Read More

Very nice area - 9/1/2006
I have lived in the Chicagoland area for over a year and a half and have not been overly impressed. I moved to Vernon Hills in May and have renewed faith in the area. Vernon Hills is a northern suburb that is clean with plenty of shopping and recreation. There are several bike trails and outdoor activities. The cost of living is higher than the southern suburbs because it (Vernon Hills) is in the North Shore of Chicagoland, which explains it. In the Chicagoland area (including Vernon Hills) people are not overly friendly. Too bad, since the areas have much Read More

Parks and more - 7/2/2006
Vernon Hills and surrounding areas have a wonderful parks and recreation services. There are several nature and biking trails that are easily accessible and clean. If you are interested in such activities, you will find satisfaction Read More

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