Wheeling, Illinois 

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A great suburb to raise a family - 10/6/2016
Wheeling is a huge industrial area with a lot of job opportunities in a close community with great schools-which is why the real estate is pricy, yet still easy to find affordable living arrangements. The Park District is completely new with lots of beautiful recreational area to enjoy such as turf soccer and softball/baseball fields. And for those that just want to relax, there are many concerts and outdoor movies. Right next to the park district is the metra train station making the trip to Chicago very convenient. A huge forrest preserve with a bike trail that goes all the way up to Wisconsin produces great air quality. The Paulwaukee airport is a small, unique addition to Wheeling which brings in many business visitors and hosts some exciting events like 5ks and concerts. You can find any stores, entertainment, and restaurants you want in Wheeling and the surrounding towns. Woodfield Mall only 20 minutes away and K1 Speed GoKarting is in the next door town of Buffalo Grove. Read More

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Living in Wheeling Illinois - 2/6/2013
I have lived in Wheeling for a year now. I didn't have the chance to check it out before I moved there.(long story). It is very diverse and if you are an American Caucasian, you are a minority. It is mostly Hispanic and Bosnian. Not a lot of English speaking Americans here.There is an airport right next to Wheeling so there are aircraft continuously flying over head, so you have to deal with the noise and poor cell phone reception, etc.. The air quality is questionable from jet fuel contaminates. It is hard to find most major stores like Jewel or Dominick's and there is no Whole Foods or Trader Joes or Vitamin Shoppe or Petco. Oh, the plus, there is Walgreens and Target. You need a car because these bigger stores are in other counties, so be prepared for a drive. There are gang bangers everywhere, but also a lot of Hispanic families with kids. There is not a whole heck of a lot to do unless you drive somewhere else. They have a bunch of restaurants, but good luck finding a really good Read More

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