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Great place for a family, great place for a corpor - 6/14/2012
I read varied reviews when I moved here from the east coast 3 years ago - some good, some not so good. Now I feel I can give a reasonable reflection that I hope will be helpful for folks considering a move here.

Terre Haute is a city still reeling from the NAFTA impacts of the 1990's. While there were at one time, many factories and distributors, many of these have moved overseas. Not surprisingly, the infrastructure here is great - Airport, Railway, highway access, and the like. The downside is that much of the infrastructure requires upkeep and the taxes in the city are heavier than average. If I was still in business, I would move my HQ here since it is very well located, three major universities in town (including the #1 ranked engineering school for undergrads - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and several highly ranked schools within an hour's drive), many inexpensive corporate spaces in prime locations, an inexpensive and educated labor force, and a close Read More

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Guy had it right...back then - 2/23/2012
Terre haute used to be ok, now it's one of the worst places I've Read More

Disgusting Little Town - 4/13/2010
Terre Haute is a failed city attracting misfits that can't function in normal society or keep a steady place in life. It seems all the folks living in this dreaded town from hell have Narcissitic Personality Disorders. Each one believes they are the center of the universe, believe that everyone should always agree with them, will verbally abuse people who made simple mistakes and throw tantrums for almost no reason at all. They talk about themselves in glowing terms even when they have been caught doing ugly, or even illegal deeds, continuously bragging about how great and wonderful they are, and will cross the line into deviant and sometimes criminal behavior in order to win the point.

They lure you into their town with promises of hope and happiness. The extend their hand to help but if you accept their offer you instantly become a worthless piece of flesh.

All the major factories have let Terre Haute, landlords rent houses with condemned signed still Read More

o - 7/25/2009
Terre Haute is dirty and poor. Jobs are low paying, hard to find, and hard to keep. It is like living in a ghetto. Buildings are all ran down, apartments are overpriced, people are rude, any sort of low income help is hard to come by since so many need it. Not a great place to Read More

Terre Haute - 4/12/2009
Great place to raise a family. Housing very Read More

I'm never coming back - 9/15/2007
I hate this place. Hell on earth.

I once had my car frozen into a parking spot in Terre Haute for over a week.

Proof that hell does in fact freeze Read More

Conflict of Ideals - 7/19/2007
Terre Haute is a decent place to live, your average midwestern city in my mind. Terre Haute, although, shouldn't be as average as it is. Terre Haute is a city with a a community college, a state college, and two private colleges (one being one of the top ranked engineering colleges in the country). Usualy college towns are quite free-thinking advanced, more open to partying and wiht decently educated citizens. This is not Terre Haute; Terre Haute suffers in many aspects from a conflict of ideals between the younger age group and the older age group. Terre Haute is becomming a "safe heaven" for the retired due to its low cost of living, etc. and therefore halting any political progress or progress in other forms because the older generation are fearful of the onset of a college town Read More

Indiana - 5/27/2006
A average city. Older community and not a lot of industry. Not expensive per say to live but have to drive to Indiapolis for better paying Read More

Terre Haute... - 2/1/2006
I grew up in Terre Haute... I graduated from Indiana State University which is a nice college. Along with Rose Hulman and St. Marys... but you have to move away to find a descent job. The town has not grown industrially and has become a sevice intersection at highway 70 and SR 41. Alcola, Stan Steel and NCR used to be located there and the only large manufactures are CBS and Lilly. I wish that the city officails would work on getting some real manufactures to locate there but Terre Haute just doesn't have any draw for large business including: night life, family-oriented festivals, nice restaurants or sport teams to attract new business. It has a Wal-mart, Super K-mart, Honey Creek Shopping Mall, several Krogers grocery stores and a very small airport with no flight service to other towns. There is just no upward movement, if anything things have went backwards for growth in Terrible Read More

Stagnet Community - 2/1/2006
I lived in Terre Haute for 23 years and in that time the town hardly changed. Opportunity is limited, housing is cheap, yet good salaries are hard to find. The city is very spread out with no real designation of city and suburb, causing a lot of blochy areas with nice to mid income homes on one block, then low income and government housing on the next block. Terre Haute has Indianapolis, to the East about 70 miles, but no city with any significance within 2 hours or more on the N, W, and S. With all the major highways going through this city you would think it would be attractive to busines and industry, however it is not. Steve Martin called Terre Haute the "Armpit" of America. He was not far Read More

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1444 S 6th St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

4246 Golf Bag Ln
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7809 S Nantucket Woods Ct
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3003 Fenwood Ave
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901 E Barbara Ln
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1045 Edgebrook Ave
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825 S 5th St
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