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Reply Education - 1/21/2006
Yes, it is a sad thing about the elementary schools closing. I grew up in Ames and went to Roosevelt Elementary, which is one of the schools that closed. Roosevelt had a lot of history, and it is sad to see it close. The Ames High School is an excellent high school, though. In general, Iowa has excellent public schools, especially when compared to Texas or Florida (where I am living now). Overall, though, Ames is a well run and organized town. The electricity prices haven't risen since 1979, and the average family earns around $33,000 a year and the average house is $160,000, so it is a very affordable place to live. There is very little crime. Iowa State University (in Ames) is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. If you like flowers, trees, and nature trails, there are plenty of those to be found in Read More

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Education - 6/19/2005
Ames is home to Iowa State Universtiy, with a college of Education. The town has one of the highest percentages of doctorates per capita in the nation. One would think that the Ames School District would be on the cutting edge of education. With the exception of the high school, this is hardly the case.

What does the school district do in the last four years when faced with declining enrollment? Magnet schools, charter schools, brainstorm with the university and the community? NO! The best our school board and superintendent could come up with was to close three elementary schools. Four years ago there were eight elementary schools in Ames. Now there are five, with one targeted for closure next year.

Sounds pretty strange for a town that has GROWN in population in the last 10 years, but when one looks at the control that developers have in town, and the way residential construction is encouraged within the city limits of Ames, but outside the Ames School Read More

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