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re: - 5/19/2009
Thanks for you great comments. They are very Read More

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Iowa -- it's exactly as others say - 5/10/2009
I read all the reviews and what others say about Cedar Rapids is accurate (the good and the bad). Although I'm originally from the mid-west, before moving to Iowa four years ago, I lived on the West coast in Seattle and California for a total of 15 years, so I think I have a sophisticated view on quality of life measures.

I moved to Iowa City originally for graduate school and only moved to Cedar Rapids recently as a less expensive place to live until I complete my independent research as I am done with coursework and do not need to be in Iowa City. I didn't plan to be here as long as I have but I have to say that I've clarified what is and what isn't important to me about where I live and work. From the perspective of a single, 30-year old and having no kids, I have to say that I find the area really lacking. And I'm not even much of a going-out type of person anymore. I'm getting my degree from the University of Iowa and would certainly recommend that university Read More

Not so great - 4/20/2009
Cedar Rapids, as the rest of the Midwest, has some of the worst weather in the entire US. Summers are very humid just like living in the south and winters are extremely cold just like living in Canada. It's the worst of both worlds! We get tons of snow and the Spring season takes forever to arrive. Really, our window of nice weather goes from late May until early October, so that's 4-5 months. The rest of the time you are either wearing a parka or some type of jacket. The people here are rude too. Somehow CR won some award from some Allstate insurance company for having the nation's best drivers. If what we have are the best, I'd sure to see the worst! People here have never heard of turn signals and don't use them. If you let someone into traffic as a favor, they will just look at you and not thank you in any form. It's almost like you owe it to them. People are unfriendly for the most part. If you go just 10 miles outside of the city, you can be in small towns where Read More

Very few nice days - 2/27/2008
Although Cedar Rapids is a great city with low crime, great people, and lots of opportunity, the weather is terrible. We have had so much snow and ice this winter, then we get to look forward to tornadoes, rain, then hot humid summer. There's not very many comfortable days Read More

Cedar Rapids - Pros/Cons - 2/16/2008
1. Very low crime rate
2. Good school system
3. Low cost of living and housing
4. Affordable place to live
5. Diverse, stable economy
6. Home to Quaker Oats and several other industrial producers
7. An overall good place to live and raise a family

1. The city smells from the Quaker Oats factories
2. Not very much to Read More

Absence makes the heart grow fonder??? - 1/6/2008
I was born and raised in NW Cedar Rapids. I moved to Alaska at age 28,living there for 14 yrs and now reside Seattle. I always thought that Iowa was a"nice place to be from, but not a place to stay" well I have missed CR very often over the years. CR is MUCH friendlier than Seattle(very unfriendly people). I miss the beautiful change in the seasons and definetly have missed the outstanding education that my children did not recieve in either AK or Wa state. The cost of living does look attractive in CR, but I am a nurse, and the wages are very low in all of Iowa. I would consider moving back if I could make even half the wage I make here...I guess I'll need to wait for Read More

Quality of life - 8/9/2007
Cedar Rapids is a fairly large city (135K)in America's heartland. This is a good place to raise a family, as is Iowa in general. People are fairly friendly and it's pretty easy to get to know your neighbors if you want.

In this area, we have great (though flat) biking trails, but little in the way of what most people would call "hiking trails." The scenery is pretty monotonous except in a few areas (e.g. Grant Wood country) that are blessed with some hills. The Mississippi Valley is also quite beautiful. Most of the good fishing spots in the state are outside of our Southeast quadrant, unfortunately.

The climate if fairly extreme. Winter is colder and windier than upstate NY, but we are spared the snow. (Although there are places where the wind simply moves the same snow back and forth across the road several times a day!) The air in Cedar Rapids (the "City of Five Smells") can drive you indoors at times. Yeast, starch and food manufacture has some Read More

Cedar Rapids is all about the hawkeyes - 6/12/2007
Well, I played field hockey at IU and its a pretty awesome school. I drank a lot and don't remember much about class, grades, or any of the professors but when I was awake I loved it there. I ate lots of fast food also. Its a great town with a big city feel in a small town village environment. I made out behind the football bleachers with all the baseball team. Go Read More

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids - 5/30/2007
Cedar Rapids is my hometown. I haven't lived in Cedar Rapids since 1990. I left for a new job and hopefully a better life. I moved to eastern Wisconsin to a smaller city. There are many things I miss about Cedar Rapids. Some I do not. The city of five smells is what I called it at times. With Quaker Oats downtown, Cargill, Penford Products, and a few other businesses, the city stunk at times and may still. Cedar Rapids has some very nice things about it. The Cedar River running through the city, affordable housing and some nice state parks within a 30 minute drive. Boating on Coralville Reservoir and fishing is also good. The airport is close to the city and connects to major hubs. The city had some inexpensive public golf coarses that I played many times. It now has a great 4th of July celebration. The city and state also has a commitment to good education as I'm a product of a private school and graduated from it. Interstate access is good and its proximity to the Read More

Cedar Rapids is a diamond in the rough - 12/4/2006
After 23 years in CR, I thought it was the end of the road so I moved to Los Angeles. What a mistake. Where to begin? 4 years in L.A. and I'm legally insane. So big cities have entertainment, that's it. There are 500 headaches that come with that entertainment. Cedar Rapids has low cost of living, great schools, low unemployment, 'generally' nice people, and many big city amenities without the hassles. As others here have said, it is a small town trying to act big but on the retail end of the segment, between CR and IC, they have almost everything LA has. The food selection is good but not as good as a large city. I look at like this. It takes 2 hours to get anywhere in L.A., and Chicago and STL are a little over 3 hours from CR. Why not live in CR and scat off to the big cities every once in a while? The best of both worlds. You get a 2000 sq ft house in CR for $180k, vs. $600k in the suburbs of LA. Californian's like to say, "Why don't you try harder to make it in L.A.?" I say, Read More

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