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Mississippi River city, low cost living with lots - 8/23/2014
Davenport is part of a larger metropolitan area, called the Quad Cities, which includes Illinois river cities just across the Mississippi. River related recreation,, including multiple bike trails along the river, the nation's top minor league baseball park, and a variety of large and small performance venues, many local theatre groups, 2 liberal arts colleges, exceptional symphony, and diverse musical offerings of the River Music Experience (RME). And the downtown is undergoing historical renovation to provide move lofts and apartment living , along with more restaurants and shops to re-energize the city Read More

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Best place I ever lived - 7/28/2014
Lived in 12 SE cities before moving to Davenport. Quality of life is much better; ease of moving around with little to no interstate traffic. Grid layout makes it simple to find everything. Convenient, 10 mins to anything. Great old homes and buildings with interesting architecture and quality. 60 plus year old home is better than new ones. Shady streets with sidewalks. Ally parking garage set up is great. Whitey's Ice Cream and local restaurants are terrific. Home prices low. The river view is awesome - never tire of it. Winter is easy to get used to and driving on powder snow is no problem. People are friendly and polite but not while driving. Hate the traffic lite cams. Inexpensive, easy to adjust to. Doesn't get better than Read More

colleges - 1/16/2014
Great local colleges and Read More

Don't think it's any better in the Midwest. - 12/31/2012
No jobs or minimum wage flipping burgers, crime is so high there's a fight for more police when there's no money to pay than Go ahead call 911 it might take 45 minutes to get help on a Saturday night. Food is so high it's stupid, we live in the breadbasket. We are trapped by one food chain called hyvee they set the price by demographically how much your area makes. So if you think it's better here think again. The Super 8 is full of people trapped here because they thought leaving Michigan and coming here would be a better life. We have 3 casinos, 2 in Iowa, davenport and a mile away Bettendorf and one right over the bridge in Rock Island, I'll , Illinois is much worse, several people I know are moving, businesses are closing. I hate to break your bubble, but the Midwest got ruined in the 80's the last big push to the "clean" Midwest ......no more. So sounds like everyone wants better. Trust me don't pick Iowa Read More

sfae neighborhood - 6/23/2012
may be moving to town and want to know where reasonable rent and safe neighborhoods are in Davenport.thanks
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No place like home ... Not - 1/12/2010
We moved here in August of 2009 and fell in love with the QCA right off the bat. Moving to Davenport makes our 8th city of residence in fourteen years. All of the cities we have lived in have been in the mid-west. We have never met a nicer group of people who have been so willing to help me and my wife with our transition. The city is not too big and not to small and it has a taste of all the cultural venues my wife and I are interested in. This is so much NOT like home that I think I am going to love Read More

Four Seasons - 11/14/2008
Great place to enjoy all four seasons at their Read More

Great Midwestern City - 11/9/2008
Can't wait to move back to Read More

Community - 6/17/2008
Davenport has a great sense of community. There is always some activity that you can choose to be involved with, or not. But if you like to be involved then this is your kind of place! And the people are very friendly and helpful, you won't be Read More

Quality of Life - 3/3/2008
There is much to do in the Quad Cities area regardless of your interests be they fishing, culture, music, outdoors, etc. It's a great place to Read More

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52806 52804 52803 52807 52802 52801

1019 Ash St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1516 W 4th St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

3836 Pearl Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

2106 W 5th St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

418 S Hancock Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1224 S Gayman Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

820 N Division St
Bed 2 | Bath 1


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