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Bedroom community, great schools, lacks diversity - 4/26/2019
I've lived in Olathe for 12 years. Olathe is a quiet bedroom community with great schools. 21st Century program provides many career path choices at the high school level. Homes are affordable with highways nearby to access more industrial areas for jobs. 30 minutes away from The Country Club Plaza, The Crossroads Arts District, The Power and Light district and Jazz district in KCMO for night life. College town of Lawrence Kansas is 30 minutes away for great restaurants.

Olathe could use more diversity. It's a mostly white church going community without a lot of tolerance for alternative life styles. Not a great place to be single but schools make Olathe a good place to raise a Read More

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Redneck Hippie - 4/8/2018
I'm just going to give it right to ya! Olathe is closer of a normal mid-class neighborhood than say; Overland Park$$$. And if you like hoe-down country style, go South 10 minutes to Bonner Springs$$. If you want the awesome diversity of dowtown KC, go North for 10 minutes. Get my drift???? "Clowns to left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you." Olathe is the center of the Oreo Read More

In Johnson County, KS since 1977 - 6/2/2015
Lived in Olathe since about 1980.

I can say Olathe is a great place to make a living, live life etc. It's one of those places that the UPS driver can leave a package on your doorstep & your package will still be there the next morning.

However, Johnson County is also a magnet for people trying to escape the higher crime infestation of Kansas City. Also, I work in Olathe & about %30 of the people I work with live in Kansas City. & %90 of them have a suspended driver's license &/or don't have a car.

Then, there are those that move to Olathe from KC, that bring there buddies with them.

So, I must say to anyone considering moving here to keep in mind of the great stigma that Kansas City has upon Olathe & all of Johnson Read More

Love living here... - 3/30/2014
I live near 119th and Black Bob in Olathe. I've been here with my husband now for 7 years. I enjoy the multi-use trail behind my house (can get up to 20 miles out and back) for running and biking. I've always felt safe here. The closer you live to Overland Park the better but stay in Olathe for cheaper housing. The weather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. That's pretty much every mid-west town. Read More

Midwest Suburb Close to the City - 2/21/2013
If you're going to live in Kansas, this is the general area I recommend. The main thing KC is lacking that I feel could be added is a few more skyscrapers and public transportation. It could then be a top city! Rail System transporting the population frm The Olathe Area to The Legends To Leawood to Downtown to the airport and stops everywhere in between would be fantastic! The bus system here sucks. Read More

The tornadoes just hover here. - 11/13/2012
Olathe has two large employers, Garmin the dwindling GPS maker that remains resistant to the reality of integrated smart phone navigation and the county jail for the largest Kansas county.

It is the county seat for the wealthiest Kansas county (Johnson County, the cleanest dirty shirt and home to one of the nations top ranked community college).

Tornado season March - June, used to be April and May but climate change has lengthened the season just like Daylight Savings Time was extended a few years ago, and the the twisters rush into town and just seem to loiter !!!! Tornadoes usually move quickly like hurricanes before losing energy but they statistically seem to just park here.

Midwestern cities were erected in areas known to be free of tornadic activity based on anecdotal observations of the 17th and 18th century, but Olathe ignored the data and built one of the fastest growing Kansas counties in the godforsaken spot.

The Read More

Weather.. - 10/4/2011
The weather in Olathe is very inconsistent. Especially during Spring and Fall. Like your typical midwest town, hot air from the South collides with cool air from the North. So what you'll get is a scorching 100 degrees one day, and a cool 65 degrees the next.

Spring time is the worst though. We'll get pretty much every type of weather in a week. Hot, cold, humid, dry, rain, snow, sleet.. We have a saying here, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a couple hours". Read More

Olathe's bountiful community - 4/15/2009
Olathe has a very reasonable cost of living with a fast growing Read More

My formative years... - 4/15/2009
As a graduating senior at Kansas State University, I can honestly say that having grown up in Olathe, Kansas I couldn't be more happy with the experience I had there. The schools are outstanding, the cost of living is tremendously low, Kansas City is gorgeous and well maintained, the international airport is the most efficient in the United States, the nightlife is booming for the younger crowed, restaurants are excellent, and the culture is very eclectic.

Having lived there almost my entire youth, I can say first hand, that it is a great place to grow up and raise a family. If you were to move from the east or west coasts you would be amazed at how far your dollar can take you in the greater Kansas City metro area. A 1,300 sq. ft. home in the heart of Anaheim would cost you around $4,000,000 and around $80,000 in Kansas City.

Suffice it to say, I loved my experience in Olathe, Kansas and plan on heading back in the Read More

OLATHE - 4/21/2008
Olathe is great -- growing suburb within 30 minutes of KC arts and Read More

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