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Change - 4/6/2013
Georgetown has under gone a tremendous change since 1980. It was the ideal "small town USA". In the mid to late 1980's Toyota came to town and things started to happen. Auxiliary manufacturers followed, land developers shortly after that. Toyota has been very generous to the community. The town council was having difficulty budgeting for additional police cruisers one year and six Camrays just appeared at the court house a few days later. The old money in the county seems to have let go graciously. With all the new upscale subdivisions the Scott County schools have become a force to be dealt with in high school athletics. All in all Georgetown is still a nice place to Read More

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Georgetown/Scott County weak on educational needs - 11/24/2012
I was reading what was posted for Georgetown on it's cost of living and educational assets. My children all go to school in Scott County and I thought it should be clarified that the teacher student ration is not "16 students for 1 teacher", that is simply not true. My elementary age children both have over 33 in their class and have one teacher and no assistant. My middle school age child has 29 students and ONE teacher. My High School child shares his ONE teacher per class with a minimum of 31 other students. The children are not challenged at any age level and it appears that we so many GREAT numbers at the state level because the kids are given "extra credit" points up to 10 points for simply turning an assignment in on time! If you are moving to this area based on what the educational system offers, please check a little further than this website or be prepared to offer your children home school at night in addition to the little they get during the Read More

Super growth! - 7/20/2007
Come to Georgetown, KY. Plenty of homes for sale at reasonable prices and jobs here and in Read More

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