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My Personal Observations - 10/10/2014
There is certainly a small town atmosphere here. It seems as if there is a high percentage of the population that wants to get Somerset "on the map", but they want to do so without using any outside help (whether the outside ideas work or not). The christian influence is extremely heavy here. There is not a huge selection of activities outside of camping/boating type activities that have to do with Lake Cumberland or farming. Although Somerset is growing it seems to be more depressed economically than a lot of places. There just isn't a huge job market. The closest major city is over an hour away. There is no public transportation to speak of. Not great shopping options unless you like bargain shopping. The schools, while having some top-notch teachers, are still not great in comparison with most of the country, though they are trying to improve. There is a fair amount of drug activity, but you don't see it very often. The only vandals I have noticed are christian (I know this because Read More

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honestly.... - 3/15/2010
I have lived here since 1989. My family moved me here from Chicago Ill when I was 5 years old. Growing up in this place, I can tell you first hand what you children will experience. There is no drug that they will not be able to get ahold of...even more easily than I would say in the streets of a city like Chicago. The amount of people who abuse drugs and medication here in pulaski county and the city of somerset is astounding! Why arent they locked up? Someone has to keep the local law enforcement functioning. There is absolutely nothing to do! Growing up, You can...go to skating rink, go to a dancing joint where the 40 year old men will hit on your 12 year old daughter. Or...get into trouble. Hey come on....its honestly the truth, when kids run out of ideas...they get stupid. Over all, the bible toting hipocrits will get you every time. Your pastor is impregnating the widow in the back and she is sleeping with her cousin. Its seriously not a christian place in my opinion. But Im not Read More

Part 2: Greg's opinion - 9/4/2008
I wanted to post facts on somerset on my previous post because sometimes on it is just opinions and those can be misleading or one-sided. So I posted those facts so people can get a clear picture of the amenities or lack thereof(depending on what you are looking for and what you are used to) without any bias.
Speaking of one-sidedness, I read all the comments on Somerset and I have to agree with most of what Michael(I too am from Somerset)said, even though he seemed really irate.
From my experience growing up here is that it should be friendlier than it is for this size of town and given the amount of churches in the area. It is for the most part a safe town(but not as much in some parts of town) and in my opinion is pretty in spring-fall. The winter I don't like except for when it snows.
It is mainly a conservative town. The singles scene is almost non-existant here(with the exception of the bars I mentioned in my facts comment), which wouldn't Read More

Facts on Somerset, Ky - 9/4/2008
These are facts on Somerset, Ky

Shopping: We have a mall that has roughly 25 stores that includes Belk Simpson and J.C. Penny's, and also 3 other shopping plazas which include Big K-mart and Roses's(similiar to K-mart), a Lowe's, a Tractor Supply, and Paul's Discount(fishing, hunting, hardware boating, auto parts, etc), we also have another outdoor store but I can't think of it off the top of my head).

Cinemas. We have 2 cinemas, one is located in the mall and the other is across the highway which is newer and has stadium seating.

Coffee: We have 4 coffee cafe's one of those is Starbuck's.

Resturaunts(all types): Ruby Tuesday's, a Cracker Barrell, a Golden Corral, a Krystal's, a Frisch's Big Boy, 2 McDonald's, a Long John Silver's, a Capitan D's, a Fazolli's, a Schlotzki's Deli, a Penn Station, a KFC, a Lee's Famous Recipe, 2 Burger Kings, a Taco Bell, 2 Arby's, a Papa John's, a Domino's, a Donato's, the River House(which is one of Read More

From a Somerset Native - 4/7/2007
I could write a book on this town and the county it is placed in, but for those of you thinking of moving here, this is my two cents(coming from a somerset native who has seen and lived his share of the rest of the country). I don't like this place; here's why: people who live here are mainly "religious", don't like diversity, conservative, want thier children to be sheltered from the rest of the world(and not prepare them for the real world), bigoted, and has the "ethnic" taste buds of Cracker-Barrel(R)and fast-food chains that are neither healthy or open-minded. Yes we have Lake Cumberland, but don't swim in it because of the water snakes, snapping turtles, and sporadic sink-holes causing mini whirl-pools. Don't go fishing unless everything about your sport is legal(unless you get lucky). Don't go hunting unless you want to contend with the possibility of getting snake bit or mosquito bit or have ticks on you after your done. How about the climate...well you can look at tops out at Read More

Think twice before retiring in Somerset - 4/4/2007
My husband and I retired to Somerset just over two years ago. There is nothing here except the lake and for the next 7 years it will be low because of the repair on the dam. There are no nice sit down restaurants here, just fast foods and the shopping in limited to Wal-mart. I would not recommen moving to Somerset to anyone. Look someplace Read More

My family and I visit every year, Love Love it! - 3/8/2007
We visit every year for the lakes, water sport and the beauty most of all. My husband and I plan to retire in Somerset KY. Everything needed to live is there Walmart superstore, home depot and Lexington is not far away. We live in Florida and are getting smothered by insurance and taxes. The storms every year are not a plus Read More

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3750 State Hwy # 1643
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

3144 N Highway 1247
Bed 3 | Bath 1.0 |

166 Ridgewater Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

88 Chandra Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

9180 Highway 39
Bed 0 | Bath 0.0 |

57 Solitude Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

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