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Commute time . . . - 1/2/2006
Since hurricane Katrina, commute time has easily doubled along with the population increase.

And crime, and housing cost . . . . Read More

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Baton Rouge - 9/24/2005
A city with friendly people(they actually hold conversations in grocery lines and elevators with strangers) and a southern slower pace of life currently in conflcit with massive growth due to doubling in size after recent hurricanes with snarled traffic and a housing shortage causing rents to skyrocket.. The State Capital and home of LSU- people here are furvently loyal to LSU. Most people are from this area, though more and more people of Asian, Arabic , Indian/Pakistani and Hispanic races are finding a home here. It's people are very openly religous and there are very active churches that reach out to the community. Once predominately Catholic, fundamentalism is taking hold as well as Protestant denominations. Healthcare is mediocre for a city this size. Outlying towns are booming, the most popular are in Ascension Parish to the east, though northern towns are showing growth as well, and housing is cheaper to the north.
Beautiful lush green landscapes year round, mild Read More

schools - 9/8/2005
the school system in East Baton Rouge Parrish is worse than bad, end of Read More

ecology - 6/29/2005
local interest in Read More

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