Oakdale, Louisiana 

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Oakdale, Louisiana Reviews

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the good life - 5/25/2008
well i must say there is many places in this world where you can be raised. on the other hand you will always rember that place as home. Over the years i have travled to many different countries, states, and towns, but ever night as i lay my head down for bed no matter how far i am frome home. i can still smell the old stump plant. i dream of the willow trees dancing in the wind on the banks fo the river as i sit under an old shade tree fishing. as a young boy growing up in oakdale was a blast. i really have no idea where to begain, but i will never forget playing summer leage ball an after every win coach eddie strother would load us up in the back of his pick up truck an bring us to burger inn. just thinking about it makes my mouth water. then as we became older we made it to high school where every one was way to cool for there own good but we dealed with it. then playing high school football. Man was that ever a rush running onto the home field on friday night. People that hasnt Read More

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