Biddeford, Maine 

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Reviews for Biddeford  based on 3 Reviews

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Cost of living is very high - 6/19/2008
The cost of living in Maine is very high. I moved to Biddeford from Boston so we could afford to buy our first home. We had just had a baby and felt it was important to ground the baby in a more permanent home environment and to build a life for her. We had a time constraint of finding and moving into home within a 2 month time period. We have found that the cost of living in Maine is much higher. They tax the residents in so many ways, they even tax a lot of food in the grocery stores. It has been difficult going from a state that has laws in place that don't allow it to tax what are considered basic needs to live. So food and clothing under $300 in value is not taxed. There are other tax breaks including a tax credit on the state income tax form each year. Maine taxes almost everything. And it is not all taxed at 5%. Some purchases are taxed at a much higher rate. The cost of living is so high that I have to buy my daughter's clothes at good will and tag sales. I can no longer Read More

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LMI?????? - 2/15/2008
I don't live in Biddeford, but I visit frequently and it is a nice little Maine town. It has a little of the strip growth and still maintains the older part of town. Some good looking older homes. Good shopping. Nice boatramp. I don't know what this first post is talking about with the LMI acronym. But, don't worry. Whatever they are, I have seen any aliens there, Read More

Former Mill Town - 3/1/2006
Was big in sheeting and blankets. Very large portionof the people are Read More

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