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A Happy Resident - 9/11/2007
I have been living in Rockville, Maryland for the pass seven years. While traffic can be a problem (which is indicative of the entire Washington DC-Baltimore Metropolitan Region), the school system is great along with a plethora of various job opportunities in and around Rockville. However, please note that cost of living is high with average housing prices hovering around $500,000 and rental units which can be as high as $2500 a month if not Read More

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A friendly, picturesque suburb of Washington DC - 6/9/2007
I have lived in Rockville for four years now and feel very lucky to have found a home here. This town has a very pretty historic district rich in Civil War history. Although most of the larger historic homes have been purchased by lawyers and converted into law offices, there remain a few older homes occupied by generations of families, some of whom trace their roots back to slaves brought into the state of Maryland.

Rockville's city government proudly sponsors street festivals, outdoor musical events and hometown holidays that draw residents from neighboring areas. This is a family-friendly town with schools that are part of the highly rated Montgomery County Public School system. For higher ed, Johns Hopkins University has a Rockville campus and the University of Maryland is a 20-minute drive away.

The historic downtown neighborhood (where I live) is an enclave with a small town feel to it, and yet not without modern conveniences. Our recently completed Read More

Miss it at Times! - 4/11/2007
We lived in Rockville, Md in the 80's and I do miss it at times. We lived on Bowie Rd. right off of Rockville Pike. There were at least 15 different types of ethnic restaurants on Rockville Pike. There was always a happy hour with lots of free appetizers. I don't miss the winters because it was dreary and cold plus I don't drive that well on snow.(from SoCal) Plus the humidity in the summers was downright oppressive. Lots of employment in Montgomery County. If you don't mind commuting on the Metro, there's even more work in DC. Forget about parking downtown, it's too expensive. I miss access to the Smithsonian Museums, concerts downtown, and the distinctive parts of DC like Georgetown and Dupont Read More

Four distinct seasons - 9/6/2006
Spring and Autumn are the most comfortable here. Summer humidty hits you in the face as you walk outside. Winters are comparably mild, but you have to be prepared for Read More

Great job opportunities, terrible traffic, high co - 7/12/2006
My husband and I moved here after graduate school when we found jobs here. The economy here is very good, and there seem to be many job opportunities. However, the cost of real estate is very high. Housing prices have double or tripled in the last five years. We're from the midwest, where we could buy a mansion for the price of a small bungalow here. Also, things here just seem older and less well-cared for than what we're used to. There are great cultural attractions like the Smithsonian museums, but things like upscale shopping malls or interesting neighborhoods just seem a little shabby around the edges all through the Read More

It just gets worse - 6/25/2006
When I moved to Rockville 16 years ago, it was relatively easy to get around. Since then, the population has grown, and surrounding areas have been in development BOOM. Consequently, traffic is increased to the point where you sometimes have to wait several traffic light cycles to pass through an intersection.

Traffic lights are not timed well, so most of them are turning red just as the next byte of traffic reaches the intersection.

Because arterial streets are so slow and backed up, people are trying to find alternate routes, and they tend to cut through neighborhood streets. The answer has been to put increasing numbers of speed bumps on residential streets.

On the plus side, Rockville has been working hard to create a fine network of bicycle trails and increase pedestrian accessibility. The city is actively encouraging pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Access to Washington DC as well as other suburban Washington areas via a Metro Read More

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20850 20851

816 Crothers Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

6113 Granby Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 5

4700 Coachway Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

13701 Mount Prospect Dr
Bed 8 | Bath 6

1723 Evelyn Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

16015 Emory Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 5

1538 Blue Meadow Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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