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Quality fo life? - 2/16/2009
Face it, nobody moves to Revere in search of a better quality of Read More

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word of advice - 3/8/2008
Shirley Ave- worst part of the city. covered in gangs, drugs, and crime. I've heard stories about one gang doing drive-by shootings at another gang just for fun.
Coolidge and Rose street Projects- these two projects are right off of broadway. they have a gang problem too. i read in the newspaper that a father was walkiing homke with his kid and two people beat him up and broke his legs just to rob him. another guy was walking home and got stabbed because he refused to give up his wallet.
beachmont- this part of the city does not have the same problems with gangs as other parts but it has a serious drug problem. there is just the same amount and types of crimes here,m just not always gang related.
revere street- similar to beachmont
taft street- located at the end of broadway. the gang on this street has been fighting with the gangs from coolidge and rose street.
broadway towers- the gang from this building runs with coolidge and rose street and they Read More

Living in Revere Ma - 6/22/2006
Revere Ma convient to Boston and is home a the first public beach in the United States. However, does have heavly populated area's parts some not so nice. Searching for a home is this area is very Read More

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36 Blanchard Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

253 Suffolk Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 3

68 Arcadia St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3 Clinton Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1 Lawrence Rd
Bed 1 | Bath 1

217 Reservoir Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 3

11 Howard St
Bed 5 | Bath 4


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