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Reviews for Somerville  based on 3 Reviews

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Ready to move on...but where? - 11/17/2011
I've lived in Somerville/Cambridge for 10 years, the last 4.5 with my husband in Spring Hill. It really is a great place to live if you are in your 20s & 30s: it is bike-friendly, dog-friendly, and no kids/young kid-friendly, which sums up my peer group very well.

But we are ready to move on. We are both creative professionals, so while we do well, we will never earn software engineer salaries like some of our friends. Neither of us work in downtown Boston, so the convenience public transportation doesn't help us. Somerville's population density has exploded, and with it rental & dining out costs. I commute 7 miles each way to work, but that takes me 25-60 minutes depending (Construction nearly every day for 4 years through Harvard Sq! Really.). We bought motorcycles & bikes to avoid driving. We don't drive on the weekends if we can help it. Commuting is like the 7th circle of hell, and I want to find a place where we can live without that stressful congestion. Read More

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Not too bad a place to live - 9/30/2008
Living in Somerville is OK. I'm not a 'city' person and I would rather be out in the country some place, but it's not too bad here. I'm in my early 50s and own a house. I get along fine in my neighborhood and I can't say this is the worst place I've ever lived.
The winters here could be worse but I grew up in Rochester, NY and it's better here than there although they really don't know about snow removal here. Yes, people actually do 'save' their on the street parking spot with a chair or trash can. Parking is at a premium.
Summers are OK, it gets hot and sometimes humid but Somerville does get ocean breezes which apparently cool things down a couple of degrees. not too noticeable.
Generally people here are nice and helpful. The population is definitely much younger than I am as a general rule (probably due to the 60 colleges in the greater Boston area). We figure about 25% of the population changes every September (and May) because of the influx (and Read More

Davis Square - 2/8/2008
we are midwest transplants to the Boston area and lucked out by finding this great little neighborhood - right on the train line, little stores and good community - we even got rid of our cars and walk everywhere, and love the lifestyle. But remember, the closer you live to the train, the more expensive your rent (and if you are moving from almost anywhere except places like NY, San Francisco or LA, you will be blown away by the cost to rent or buy in the Boston Read More

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