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Cliamte - 1/17/2008
The summers get up to mid 80's to mid 90's. The humidity is the killer though. Some days it's like you are drinking your air and living outside of air conditioning is unbearable.
The spring time and fall are by far the locals favorite times of the year.
Winters in Southern Michigan are hit and miss with the snow. From the mid of the state to the West there is a great deal of lake effect snow that dumps on that region because of the moisture from Lake Michigan and cold Canadian winds coming down across the water.
Upper lower peninsula (upper lower Michigan) gets a very good deal of snow and it's more permanent. Where in the south it will met frequently after arriving, up north it stays and builds throughout the winter.
The Upper peninsula gets even more snow. Everyone with snow mobiles in the lower peninsula drive up north to ride their machines in the winter. Still though, it's unbearable much of the time in the summer up in the U.P. because there is Read More

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Cost of Living is low - 1/17/2008
The cost of living in Allegan is rather nice. You can get an apartment for about $500 a month and it's not that terrible or a house for $700 that's rather nice.
The only problem is jobs are rare and even if the housing was free and the cost of everything given to you; it's near impossible to live here. And; the jobs are leaving the State at an alarming rate. It's not going to get better in this area any time soon. Maybe in 20-30 Read More

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