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Nice town - 2/16/2020
I lived in the city for 20 years... it is a great place to live... about 30 minutes to the capital and also 30 minutes to battle Cree there are lots of small town shops and the city does events during the year for family fun.... I would have to say the city does a great job in keeping our roads plowed in the winter and keeping our parks clean and all the trees we have in this area they are always keeping them trimmed... the people are friendly and care about the town we call Read More

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If you're thinking about it - make sure it's a fle - 6/25/2013
Small town, small town mentality. This neck of the woods is not indicative of Michiganders at all. The people are not friendly or welcoming to outsiders. People here are very set in their ways and not open to new ideas. There are a few good people here, but they are few and far between.

The town itself is antiquated and it's like walking onto a live set of the Andy Griffith show. Not that there is anything wrong with that - if it happened to be 1950. But it's not. There is very little to do, and the highlight of the community is the 4-H fair and the beer tent at the labor day festival. The only other excitement that rocks that community is the occasional meth lab explosion.

Shopping is limited to Wal-Mart and Meijer, unless you travel into Lansing. Forget quality cuisine, fresh markets or a sparkling night life. Rural and rustic all wrapped into one little town.  Read More

charlotte mi not a good place to live - 2/6/2011
The police refuse to enforce the noise/nuisance ordinances and as a consequence if you happen to live next to an ignorant person with a dog that barks constantly there is nothing that will be done regardless of how many times you call the police.  Read More

Way more Provincial than I prefer - 7/31/2006
I grew up not far from this community and moved back here several years ago. Over the last 25 years, nothing has really changed. You're basically living in a farm area with the closest major city being Lansing. If you like to hunt and listen to Country Western music, then you're in your element.

Personally, I find the area to be very much behind the times. Thinking is quite antiquated and if you enjoy a very conservative mindset, this is the place for you. I, however, lived for nearly 25 years in Northern California and tend to think like a Westerner, which apparently isn't very popular in this part of the country. I have very little in common with the folks here. If there was currently ever a fish out of water, it is me! Even though I have family in this area, I regret moving here. Life here is boring, unexciting and for the most part, stagnant. I am looking forward to a change.

The economy and job market is miserable and I don't have much in Read More

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