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Not the rich part of Farmington Hills either....I' - 8/3/2014
Grew up in Commerce. Loved it! It was very quiet and peaceful and safe. Quiet and peaceful is not the case anymore but fortunately it's still a safe place to live. Why you ask? Very little diversity, that's why. But I'm not here to chat about Commerce. I moved from Commerce to Novi and now I am currently renting in Farmington Hills and cannot wait to leave. Too much crime, too much diversity where I actually feel like an outcast at times and in certain places, choppy neighborhoods with bad infrastructure, way too busy (traffic), bad school ratings and housing is overpriced. This place isn't what it used to be years ago and I only hope to move to Brighton or Howell where things will hopefully remain positively the same for many years to come. The economy collapse has unfortunately made finding a great safe place to live harder and harder to Read More

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Excellent Plan to Raise a Family - 9/12/2009
My wife and I have lived in Farmington Hills for the past 7 years. We moved here from Ohio and are originally from Texas. This area and especially our neighborhood is a wonderful place to raise a family. Though when we moved here we were already empty nesters. It is unfortunate that Michigan and especially Southeast Michigan is have a difficult time due to the Read More

Property Taxes - 8/12/2008
The taxes here are so high, as soon as I retire, I'll have to sell and move
to a different community to lower my tax liability. The city/county services
do not justify the tax rate in my Read More

Not a good economy - 2/17/2008
The economy here is not doing very Read More

Great Suburb - 11/4/2007
Great suburb.

Local economy and weather are the only Read More

Weak economy - 11/28/2006
Metro-Detroit has been very hard hit with the problems tied to the auto industry. Pockets of companies doing fairly well, but very high unemployment, very weak economic growth, and record foreclosures in this area (Oakland County). Massive downsizing, and many companies have closed their doors. The city proper and surrounding suburbs' fortunes rise and fall with the Big Three - not a diversified economy by any stretch. Property values have plummeted as a result of many people leaving the area. Area in general has deteriorated considerably in terms of the local economy compared to 5 years ago. Massive layoffs at GM and Ford have hit this area very hard, and if you are considering moving to the area, you should be very careful to consider the deteriorating economic climate. Farmington Hills does have a decent school system, and many area neighborhoods in Farmington Hills have significant wealth. Crime is increasing - and would speculate that this is directly related to the Read More
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Farmington Hills - 11/3/2006
Farmington Hills in a nice town. It has some very good rests. The people are
very friendly for the most part. The town offers very little to do culturally, so you will have to go to Detroit for that. It has a very low crime rate and some excellent schools. Winters can be rough, but not as bad
as MN, WI or the Chicago area in terms of dealing w/ the snow and extreme low
temps. Farmington Hills is one of the nicer Detroit burb Read More

Diversity - 7/12/2006
Farmington Hills is a culturally diverse community with excellent schools and Read More

Great Schools and Safe! - 1/11/2006
Farmington Hills public schools rank high above the national average. Many collages within driving distance. Winters can be cold but much better than alot of the MidWest states. You can commute to Ann Arbor to work or to Downtown Detroit. Farmington Hills has been a great place to Read More

Nice but boring - 11/8/2005
Farmington and Farmington Hills are very clean, full of nice shops, organized, with lovely homes, good schools, but I think they are boring. I have lived in Mexico City, London, England, and Farmington, and I definitely like bigger cities. In Farmington and Farmington HIlls (Farmington Hills surrounds Farmington), there are no theaters, no art galleries (I mean, real ones). Only the Holocaust Museum, which is very well organized. Teenagers have nowhere to go (no decent coffee shops except for one Starbucks, few restaurants, a downtown that measures exactly one block, and there is no public transportation, so it is worrying to let your children go out at night. Any problem with the car, and they'd be stuck. It is a small suburban Read More

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48336 48335 48331 48334

28391 Rollcrest Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 1

31063 Applewood Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

30982 Huntsman Dr W
Bed 5 | Bath 4

29853 Stanhurst Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

30725 Turtle Crk
Bed 4 | Bath 3

34323 Ramble Hills Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 5

33225 Oakland Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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