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God Bless Grand Rapids!!! May it never change! - 10/3/2019
I am originally from Farmington Hills, Mi and moved to CA in 1988. Since lived in OR, FL, and NM. I am now retired and moving to Grand Rapids, for the reasons some mention here. God has always been a part of my life. Churches don't intimidate me. I tend to associate with Christians, as I am.

I worked here for EDS for four years. In/out road travel, as I lived in Farmington Hills. I was responsible for IT services at the GM/GMAC offices. I encountered no overwhelming religious bible thumping, or even communications between people. I also worked with the Steelcase people too. Again, no religious mentions. I happen to be an Episcopalian and although I don't attend church ever Sunday, I think it's a good thing being Christian. AND, I think freedom of speech, at bars, restaurants, fairs, parks ..anywhere is fine. I have heard discussions between couples, groups that I happen to sit in the area of. I could have gotten up and moved but it didn't intimidate me in the least. I Read More

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Run! It's horrible. - 3/11/2019
I have lived in the grand rapids area most of my life and I personally hate it, even more so after living else where. There is a strong Calvinist and Christian reformed mentality in the worst kind of way here, it's boring, there is nothing to do with any kind of adventure and most of the people are uptight, irritable, arrogant, self righteous jerks. I can't wait to leave this place once and for all. Read More

Depends What you are Looking For - 7/24/2017
I moved here a few years ago and thought it would be the perfect place, everyone kept saying welcome. Then you live here. The size of the city is just about perfect and it is easy to get around. Although with growth over the past few years traffic is beginning to build. If you are a family with children and live in the right place East Grand Rapids, Ada, it is going to work for you, that's if you can afford those places, as friends will be made and life will look good. Also Grand Rapids is good for the 30's crowd, most of the population. And it is the Beer City, plenty of craft beers and nightlife. What also will be seen here is many in the 40's and 50's who are divorced, drink and talk religion. The city is very Christian, a church not only on every corner but in every plaza, old house or wherever else one can be placed. And conservative. Downtown has grown but in apartments and expensive ones. The city and surrounding areas are known for fairs and festivals, but after doing them 1 Read More
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i got to go!!!!!! - 2/19/2016
grand rapids is cool been here 35 yrs and looking to relocate and start Read More

Mostly good, BUT.... - 2/12/2015
Lived in Grand Rapids 6 years (moved here for school and stayed for the job I got after graduating). For the most part, GR is great - when I first moved here I was absolutely in love. It's generally a very friendly and down-to-earth city, with a fair amount of culture and local activities (and many free downtown activities!). ArtPrize brings thousands of people in; great farmer's markets; several really nice museums; Van Andel Arena hosts great shows and hockey games; Frederik Meijer Gardens; outdoor ice skating downtown in the winter; neat old houses; distinct neighborhoods that each have their own "feel" and activities. Beer drinking is big here. And coffee. You do have to make a bit of an effort to discover what's going on, because things can be spread out, but if you just subscribe to the local newspaper or follow a few groups on Facebook it's not hard.
Stuff I don't like: It's an extremely Christian city. If you're a strong Christian, you'll love it here. If not, you'll Read More

Once was enough... - 10/27/2014
If you've never been to Grand Rapids, I can't say I suggest taking the effort to visit there unless your required to do so. After 15 minutes of arriving on a business trip, I was counting the minutes to my departure. One central theme dominates this entire region: God. Now, I've had the opportunity to travel to many corners of the globe, and have friends from many countries. What we have in Grand Rapids is more akin to a isolated bible camp that is hostile towards outsiders. It dominated every portion of my trip, from the bar, to the mall, to the Sunday drive. I was choked in bible stores, mini bibles in the office, prayer hands at the hotel room, I could go on. This hostility towards anything not conservative is obviously hurting the city both economically and demographically. No right minded college graduate would dream of staying in this region. Once was enough, and yes I made it out Read More

grand rapids . What Fun! - 12/14/2013
Hello, I recently moved to Grand Rapids from Detroit to live with my girlfriend who needed the financial help at the time. Now, being an artist from Detroit and also once living in New York, London and Philadelphia, I was hopeful to find a small yet interesting art scene. Wrong, the city is very very slow, un-stimulating and closed minded. And, I'm not comparing G.R. to the big city's I've lived in (well, maybe unconsciously). Although, I was truly looking for a small and humble scene and was very open to the smallest treasures. ZILCH ! My (now wife) and I have decided to find a real city with like minded, educated, creative young professionals like us to share the place with. I did come in with all the best intensions and truly searched for an interesting bar or gallery or....yeeesh anything. So, if you are thinking of moving here and you love factory work, mega churches, no urban community participation, low residential education levels, and no original art or music then come on Read More

<3 - 8/5/2013
Love this Read More

heath care growth - 5/19/2013
Health care and health jobs are growing in this area with the expansion of "medical Read More

Clean, Beautiful, and Friendly - 4/8/2013
I have lived in Grand Rapids for four years. Grand Rapids is the most friendly, clean, and beautiful city I have ever lived (compared to Pittsburgh,PA and Nashville TN). Grand rapids is covered with beautiful art, from sculptures to paintings to live performances that occur constantly in the city center where a large outdoor open auditorium is located. There are hidden lakes and trails through out the city which is interesting because even if you live there for years you will continue to find new natural beauty at your doorstep. The air is clean and always either smells fresh and crisp or of food that is being prepared at any of the amazing restaurants and breweries located through out the city. The community has established several amazing farmers markets where the best quality local produce and meats can be purchased. While living there you get a sense that you are a part of the community and that everyone who lives there makes it a better place in their own way. Grands Rapids has a Read More

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