Troy, Michigan 

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Troy, Michigan Reviews

 based on 9 Reviews
Get to know Troy with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Troy

fake city - 1/11/2021
, corruption is like Read More

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Beware - 6/19/2019
no one ever visited Troy, that writes this stuff,, Troy has a Black out, of any city corruption, most of the elected city are from the same zip code. and the heavy pollution land, was turned into a golf Read More

Great place to live!! - 4/27/2017
This is the safest place to live in Michigan. The schools are ranked in the top of both the state and in the US. When our kids graduated 98% of the graduates went on to college. It's a diverse community that has a lot going for it. Our neighborhood is very active with a lot of walkers, bikers, dogs and kids. I would recommend this community to Read More

Meh - 2/5/2017
The timing of the myriad (and mostly unneccessary) stoplights in troy makes it a nightmare to try to get anywhere. The city is strongly republican, even had a tea party mayor until she got recalled, thankfully. Culturally very diverse. I have met many really good people in and around Troy, but if you live in a republican neighborhood, the neighbors really suck. The best thing I have found in Troy is the Stage Nature Center on Coolidge Highway. Beautiful 100 acres of refreshing forest, but they've managed to cut down great swaths of trees all around the city in favor of development. Soon it will look like Southfield: :( I'm so ready to get out of this place. They really don't know what they're doing Read More

Great schools - 6/6/2010
Troy is great because of it's wonderful schools and diverse population. It lacks a downtown and plisse for families to Read More

Great schools - 6/6/2010
Troy is great because of it's wonderful schools and diverse population. It lacks a downtown and plisse for families to Read More

Very Good - 4/1/2009
This city offers very broad ranges of religion. Many different places for foriegn religion studies and many different places for people who have lost faith to go back to Read More

lousy place - 2/27/2009
I've lived all over the world...two yrs in Europe, 8yrs in Thailand, also many cities in the USA. I lived in Troy for over 20yrs, and I finally got out of that hole. I live in the Upper Penninsula now and it is heaven compared to the cesspool down there. I drive five miles to work now and only have three stoplights to contend with. In troy I drove about the same distance to work and had a stoplight every mile, and the stoplights were all timed so I had to stop at each one. What can I say...the people sucked in Troy...the police dept sucked.....the govt. sucked, the schools sucked. I have no good memories of Troy. Good luck if your are moving Read More

A great place to live - 4/15/2006
Troy is a great place to live. It benefits from being part of metropolitan Detroit (pro sports, symphony, the Henry Ford, the Detroit Zoo). It is a well run city that is financially healthy and offers good city services. The Police Department is one of the best in the metro area. The neighborhoods are a mix of working class people (mostly with the big three) and white collar employees within the auto Read More

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