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99 bottles of beer on the wall - 5/15/2014
Mankato, MN is a small community that has some nice features (small concerts, theatre, parks, etc.) but unfortunately every time you turn around there is a new social event added that is nothing more than another 'socially acceptable' reason for the booze bags to drink. Mankato has a very small-town mindset but afterall it's in the middle of cornfields. The universities add some positive culture. The weather is crap - only a few really nice days throughout the year. The rest are cold, ice, wind, mosquitos, humidity, storms, crap. Plus Mankato is in Tornado Alley. Find another place to Read More

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Mankato does have some culture - 8/14/2013
It depends on what your view of culture is. For a city of about 60,000 it does have SOME. You need to look to find it.

Start at Minnesota State, from national sporting events to National Festivals to Theater.

The city is also building a Children's Science Museum downtown. The city has other various unique recreational things throughout the year: Vikings training camp, Minneopa Falls, Numerous biking-skiing trails, Mt Kato skiing/mt biking, summer college league baseball league (Northwoods League).

About every 3-4 years they host a National Air Show, recently they have hosted many D-II national tournaments.

I'd love to have someone show me a city around 60,000 people that is bursting at the seams in culture. I don't think Mankato is that lacking, people are expecting a little too Read More

Kato - 6/15/2012
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no culture - 11/24/2007
this city is just a small town spread out over too many hills. there is absolutely NO culture to this town. the only breath of cultural air you get is from the college students. there are excellent colleges here and that's the only reason i live here. the cold weather seems to come around september and somewhat warms up around may. very long winters, very short hot and humid summers. mosquitos are awful in the summer. public transportation is decent - the cab drivers are to be avoided. this town is dead except for the bars (not clubs, bars). i'm not a drinker so that leaves me bored when i have spare time. this leaves a lot of kids bored and there tends to be a lot of vadalism, thefts, robberies, and drug use. this is a great place to be if you're going to school because it's too cold to be outside so you're inside doing homework. also, since there is nothing (and i'm serious about nothing) to do then you're not tempted to skip your studies for anything. if you raise a Read More

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