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A family oriented community like any other.
Robbinsdale is like most first tier residential suburbs of larger cities, built in the 50's after the war to house soldiers and their new families. Most who live here don't work here, they work in Minneapolis or one of the more industrial suburbs. I for one don't understand the need for suburbs. Seems like useless duplication of government services. Why not just call it a "neighborhood" of Minneapolis? It actually shares a zip code with Minneapolis and the Property Taxes are on par with the big city. Robbinsdale is mainly a town of houses, it has a small main street, it's most notable business is the butcher shop, oh and the North Memorial Hospital over on the border of North Minneapolis, which is one of two of the worse neighborhoods in Minneapolis. The hospital is busy because of this. Like most city governments they waste the property tax dollars on make-work projects, so they can "justify" their continued civil service jobs. Here's one recent example: They remove an ice skating rink in the park down the street because the recreation has fallen out of favor, decided to replace it with a thing called a splash pad. Basically a place for little kids to go play in a sprinkler. For some reason the city could not answer a very simple question I had regarding how much water this device consumes every time it is activated (one would think such data would have been considered while considering the project?) the pad is activated by a touch pad, so costs the user nothing directly. Meanwhile homeowners get the standard seasonal notices regarding day time watering bans. I think they should figure out how much this consumes in resources and replace the touch pad with a pay meter. If nothing it would teach kids the value of resources they are wasting, plus it would pay for itself then. But that would be rational, and city governments don't tend to rational.

I'm on this website looking for a healthy small town environment to settle down and retire in. I'm becoming a member is the hope there is chart for members that will help someone like me find an ideal place. Comparing one city to another is useful, but what would also be useful would be lists ranking all the cities from worst to best for each of the categories available. The data is there, just need it sorted differently.



a nice place to live
being a born and bred Minnesotan I am, of course, biased. However, I love it here. Robbinsdale is a suberb with character, downtown is quaint and cute. There is alot of trees and vegitation and good state parks nearby. Minnesota truly is the land of 10,000 lakes (and more) and Robbinsdale has a couple lakes to prove it. A good place to live with friendly nieghbors.


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