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St. Paul, MN is a vibrant city with much to offer visitors and locals alike. It is known for its rich culture, outdoor activities, and diverse dining options. There are a variety of historic sites around the city, including the State Capitol Building and Cathedral of Saint Paul. Visitors can also explore the Science Museum of Minnesota or take a ride on the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line. For those looking for some outdoor fun, there are several beautiful parks throughout St. Paul that offer stunning views and plenty of recreational activities. The reviews of St. Paul are overall very positive with many people noting its impressive architecture, food scene, and friendly community atmosphere as major attractions. With so many wonderful attractions available in this charming city, it is no wonder why people visiting from all over come back again to experience everything St. Paul has to offer!

 based on 24 Reviews
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Nice place but mundane. - 11/14/2018
St Paul is a nice city to live, especially for raising a family. I am a transplant, moving here 33 years ago at the age of 26. I am self employed in the remodeling trades and this trade keeps me in St Paul, as the winters are very harsh , long and boring. Whereas spring it's starts picking up and then summer and fall gets too busy to enjoy any of it, plus you have to pay for the long winter, save for the upcoming one. It's a never ending cycle that keeps us tradespeople stuck in this part of the country. The people here St Paul are Minnesota nice, which means pleasant on the outside, very very reserved, seldom gregarious and not big fans of trying things outside their comfort zones. For many, vacation means going up north, where they hunt, fish or hang out at the cabin. Not that there's anything wrong with that , I do it too, but I see it as something that you need to do if you don't want to go nuts. Once here, you kind of stuck here. Nearest big city is Chicago 7-8 hrs away by car, Read More

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Would Move If I Could! - 7/11/2018
I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and I’m 50+. As you get older the humidity is unbearable and the mosquitoes seem to get bigger?! I can count on one hand how many “clear, blue skies” we have had. When I traveled to Colorado recently, I see what I’ve been missing, blue skies, sun and no humidity!! Then you have the MN winters, cold and colder, snow and more snow. Maybe the only pleasant time to be outside might be the fall. Read More

Home - 6/28/2017
The MPA community is the most at home I have ever felt. Read More

Great Liveable City - 5/18/2014
Love St. Paul...however, it's been a pretty rough Read More

Great opportunities for education - 2/18/2012
Minneapolis and St. Paul are both homes to wonderful colleges and universities. They come in all sizes and emphases. They accommodate new freshman looking for full time school and housing as well as mid-career people looking for continuing education opportunities. Read More

Nice - 7/16/2011
Nice Read More

The Good and The Bad - 11/13/2010
I've lived in Minnesota my entire life (39 years) and my family has been here for generations. Although I've travelled the world I will always be a permanent Minnesotan. I lived in St. Paul for 25 years. Saint Paul is an amazing city, much easier to navigate than Minneapolis.

Public transportation is simple and straight forward. Lots of people are now opting to use bicycles year round (yup, even in snow) and the city has made adjustments along streets to accommodate those who choose to bike. St. Paul has a long bike path along the Mississippi that extends to numerous other cities in MN.

There is a lot of culture, from the diverse ethnic groups of people living in the city to the cultural entertainment provided by the Landmark center, Science museum, Ordway Theatre, Festival of Nations. There are Irish, German (septoberfest), Hmong, Mexican (cinco de mayo), Italian, Norwegian, etc... cultural events year round.

It doesn't matter what Read More

St Paul, MN - 11/1/2010
Minnesota is a great place to experience the four seasons. Lots of lakes and trees. This year autumn has been great, but some years are not as warm. Winter seems longer the older I get so we are thinking of moving to a warmer climate. The Twin Cities offers a wealth of culteral activites along with lots of traffic. We would also like a city with less population when we retire. I am about 3 1/2 years from retirement and my wife and I are starting of thinking about places we would like to live that are warmer with less population and lower states taxes. Read More

Not all its cracked up to be... - 6/27/2010
There is this notorious buzzz around the cities~ saying how there are many cultural events. Dont be fooled people, there isnt. This has to be one of the most boring places to live. The out door activities are geared towards certain segmants of the population (i.e. white people). Even the state fair this year finally announced they will have a hip-hop act this year. The reason for not having this type of performer in years past - "it caused a lot of problems in the past." On many levels there is potential to have a great place to reside. But many minnesotians stick to the montra of "Minnesota Nice" which in turns means "Minnesota passive aggressive". The acceptance is given once you are judged.... Now if you are not intrested in actual progress movement in life, growth in culture and overall living a vivid life - worth talking about... Move here. Thsi place is excellent for those who decide to settle and want to just be....

Most important the healthcare field here pays Read More

Craft Beer Culture In Minneapolis/St. Paul - 2/11/2010
The craft beer culture in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is thriving. It isn't quite as developed as cities like Portland, Seattle and Denver, for example, but it compares very well to these cities and most other major metro areas. There are numerous breweries and brew-pubs in the metro and out-state areas that are very serious about providing high-quality and interesting beer (i.e., they are creative and most frequently change their line-ups seasonally). The volume of craft beer events (beer fests, beer dinners, etc.) is such that you can typically find something going on during any week. If craft beer holds an interest for you, I think you will be satisfied, if not delighted, with Mpls/St. Paul as a vacation or permanent Read More

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