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Mississippi is Improving - 4/18/2018
Mississippi is improving and growing. The educational system is much better than one realizes. Mississippi produces college graduates. There are a large number of HBCU's, I.e., Jackson State University, Tougaloo College, Alcorn State University; as well as universities such as MS State University; University of Southern MS, MS College, Univ. of MS (Old Miss)just to name a few. I have travelled and lived in many states. Mississippi has a lot of hidden jewels. Read More

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It has it problems. - 2/10/2018
Im in Pelahatchie,MS and I've been here before but my family tends to stay away from this area. I watch the news daily and all I hear is jackson. On the other note, Jackson is a big city Read More

It has it problems. - 2/10/2018
Im in Pelahatchie,MS and I've been here before but my family tends to stay away from this area. I watch the news daily and all I hear is jackson. On the other note, Jackson is a big city Read More

Most underrated cont'd - 7/17/2017
I forgot to rank my other post. I would have given 5 stars but I know that no place is perfect. In my opinion the best places for blacks are the Jackson Ms area, Savannah Ga, etc. I live in Texas not the best for blacks. Read More

Jackson,MS - 12/2/2014
I want to know does anyone agrees with the media's version of Mississippi, such as education, health, and lack of resources? Also, how life is like in Jackson, MS compared with other major cities in the Read More

Jackson,MS - 11/29/2014
Hello. I am not a native of Mississippi, and I want to know how is the city of Jackson, MS. I be reading about the conditions of Mississippi such as poor health and education, and lack of resources. Does anyone in the city agrees with the media version of the Read More

Negative Reviews about Jackson Laughable! - 7/17/2011
Struggling hard not to titter at some of the negative views on here. Moved to Jackson MS for college about 15 years ago and loved the place so much I stayed on and have been here ever since. I'm black first of all, and coming from a city that was 3 million strong, loved the fact that Jackson was very relaxed paced, had loads of Southern Hospitality where strangers still smile and say hello to each other as they walk by (try that up North or in L.A!), no endless lines everywhere to access services, plenty of wide open spaces, greenery and large yards in homes, not traffic jams!, amazing Southern food and ah just the fact that its the capital city of the State that's birthplace of the Blues!! Yes we're segregated but whose fault is that :)? Long standing institutional racism perchance? The big change for the better came when Kane Ditto was kicked out in the upper '90s and Harvey Johnson began to clean up all messes and rectify hundreds of years of neglect in the "black" neighborhoods. Read More

retirement - 2/6/2011
I have lived all my life in Jackson. I have watched my city go from an upcoming city to a city of urban decay, simply, more and more dependent upon federal dollars. Crime is horrific, the city government is ineffective, no pride is left in this town , the soul has left, retiree beware !  Read More

Mississippi Ain't All Bad - 8/13/2010
The climate is the one thing that makes Mississippi great. Read More

Living in the Jackson area @ a glance - 3/20/2010
The city of Jackson and its surrounding areas has its pros and cons. I grew up in the city of Jackson and it's not such a bad place depending on where you live. All major cities have there share of crime problems. The hugest obstacle to face in my opinion is the segragation of races. We all realize that this factor won't disappear overnight realizing Mississippi's racial history. If you are looking to move to the Jackson area, this issue shouldn't be a huge shock. The weather is very mild except for the summer. It's very hot and humid. When it snows in the winter (not too often), schools and many jobs shut down. Speaking of jobs, there are plenty in the medical and educational fields. Over the past 20 years, the families with high incomes left the city of Jackson and have built homes and businesses in the surrounding small towns. Most still work in Jackson, but live outside of it. Jackson's tax payer's pool has substNtially dropped. This has effected the quality of living Read More

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2933 Woodbine St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4233 Eastridge Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 3

936 Summer St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1418 Cooks Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

147 Rolling Meadows Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

4623 Normandy Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

4260 E Ridge Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 5


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