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Ok to live - 1/7/2013
Nice place to live, though jobs are hard to come by (have to know someone). Relocated here 2 1/2 years ago, still haven't gotten a good paying job. Cost of living is low but then again so are wages. Doesn't seem that the town wants to grow too Read More

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Just wondering - 2/4/2010
I'm thinking of moving to West Plains Missouri. I currently live in California and have a possible job opportunity teaching at the college in West Plains. I believe I'd be making about $40,000. Right now I'm making almost twice that amount, but it is California. Would I be able to survive on that income in Missouri? Is it that much cheaper to live? I keep hearing from people that it is, but I'm skeptical. If I leave here, I'd probably try to get the bank to agree to a short sale. So I'd be starting over so to speak in Missouri. Any Read More

Air Quality only 43% - 5/22/2009
We choose to live in Alton, MO because of the air quality of 75%
The reason AQ in West Plains, MO is only 43 %
A company there makes charcoal and a very big polluter.
We love to shop in West Plains 32 miles West of us, would not live there because of the Read More

Education - 12/4/2008
I am thinking of moving there from Ohio. What kind of teachers are my children going to have? One is a 9th grader and is ADHD, the other is in 8th grade and is gifted.West Plains is my Read More

A Good Place to raise the "young-uns" - 1/2/2008
I re-located to West Plains several years ago with my family and grand kids. My wife and I had researched and visited many places across the states before the move, and accidentally came across West Plains. We have been here for 5 years and we have never lived in a place where we felt so at home.

West plains is typical small town. There are things about it which are frustrating. The growth has been controlled by a couple of families which owned a large portion of the properties in the area, However, their grip has loosened, and the town is set to grow in a big way. We have recently seen A Coltons restaurant, a Walgreens Drug store, and a new strip mall completed. Rumor has it that Home Depot is not far off.

The local economy is somewhat depressed. Good paying jobs are hard to find, but they are here. This is a good area to be in if telecommuting is an option (you will have to get onee of the new cellular phones with internet modem capability since Read More

Heck on Earth. - 2/20/2007
I moved here 5 years ago, thinking that this would be a nice place to retire. But in that time I found that no one will hire you unless you are related, and that the few big names in this town have a literal choke-hold on the community and total control over everything including the law. I gave it my best shot, but rents have more than doubled, utilities have all gone up, yet wages haven't gone up at all. I will now have to move and leave my friends behind. The schools here are the absolute worst I have ever come across also. I could never suggest moving to this dying little Read More

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13484 County Road 6410
Bed 5 | Bath 4

422 Farrell St
Bed 4 | Bath 4

104 N Harms St
Bed 5 | Bath 5

3602 Quail Run Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 4

1498 Harms
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2305 Gleghorn St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

236 S Harlin Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 2


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